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19 Tweets About Celebrities That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

"idris elba should be in everything, including me"

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2. This analysis of Kelis' cookbook:

3. This injustice:

Frank Ocean gon drop his album 5 months late and still be “amazing” and “a musical genius”. I show up to work 5 months late and I’m “fired”.


6. This unfortunate confusion:

Winter is NOT coming: I have NEVER been dead: I am a JOURNALIST: I am alarmed that my namesake has me trending!

7. This very real experience:

When your voice starts cracking but Beyoncé still has 3 more key changes left in Love On Top

8. This cause for inspiration:

Will Smith rapping again for the first time in 10 years is really inspiring me to rebuild my Neopets empire


9. This interesting segue from Geri Halliwell:

Love it when Geri Halliwell burns the gingerbread and uses it as an opportunity for race relations xxx

10. This particularly thirsty message:

idris elba should be in everything, including me

11. This proof that Jaden Smith is the deepest person on this planet:

"Waffles ain't nothing but pancakes with abs..."

12. This conspiracy theory:

Destiny's Child...Des..Tiny's..Child. Das Tina's Child. Beyoncé. it was always about Bey. #StayWoke


13. This spotting of Halle Berry:

15. This conversation with Taylor Swift:

taylor swift: oh my god look at that face you look like my next mistake me [with mouth full of like way too many Doritos]: what

16. This picture of Bow Wow lying on a mountain of one dollar bills:

😂😂 Why did Bow Wow post a picture of himself laying on, like, $50?! 😂😂


17. This photo of Tom Daley's frying pan:

I can't stop thinking about Tom Daley's frying pan

19. And this video of Iggy Azalea rapping: