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17 Times Rihanna And Her BFF Gave Us Best Friend Goals

Because everyone deserves a friendship like Rihanna and Melissa's.

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You may have seen the pair around, and that’s because Rihanna is often pictured with her best friend by her side, giving us all friendship goals.

3. When they wore the same outfit for Christmas.

“@GlobalGrindStyl: Rihanna and her BFF Melissa Forde show off their holiday smurfette style ”

5. When they had a crunk battle on a boat.

6. When they slayed with this bikini and body chain combo.

7. And took this adorable selfie in the sun.

10. When they took the same snapchat that we've all taken with our best friend at some point.

y'all remember this perfection?


11. And didn't need to smile to look adorable.

"@NikoFenty: Rihanna and Melissa today. #bff "

12. When they dressed up as Ninja Turtles for Halloween and put so many other costumes to shame.

13. When they mastered the perfect "you can't sit with us" pose.

Rihanna and Melissa are everything!


15. When they sang along to Big Sean's "IDFWU."

16. When they took this selfie on Melissa's 29th birthday.

17. And Rihanna uploaded a tribute that only a bestie would write.

"Happy Birthday hitta!!!!! I wanna write some deep shit, but that shit is old!! Just like you!!! You old as phuck actually!!!! 29 BRUH??! I mean I'm 27 and shit but PHUUUCK!!! TWENTY NINE!!!! Ya still sweet off doe!! Wrinkles and all!!!!"