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    19 Times "Come Dine With Me" Was Absolutely Fucking Ridiculous

    "What a sad, little life, Jane. You ruined my night..."

    1. When this guy was grappling with a bizarre accusation.

    Channel 4 / Via

    2. And this guy had found his new party trick.

    Channel 4 / Via

    3. When the Narrator was fucking brutal as always.

    Channel 4 / Via

    4. When this poor lady had a mighty big fall.

    Favourite thing to happen on #comedinewithme ever

    5. When one of the contestants showed up in slightly peculiar attire.

    6. And this guy one-upped him by dressing as...whatever the hell he was dressed as.

    Channel 4

    7. When a game of Buzz The Wire got very intense.

    8. When this conversation was presented without context.

    Channel 4 / Via

    9. When this contestant seemed to have been painted specifically for his evening.

    Channel 4 / Via

    10. When the "Princess" theme was taken to a whole new level with the arrival of Fiona from Shrek.

    Channel 4 / Via

    11. When this gentleman's big reveal was a little ~unexpected~.

    Channel 4 / Via

    12. When this contestant's expectations were swiftly let down.

    13. And Kim Woodburn gave the world a little TMI.

    14. When a shirtless man was used as a sushi plate.

    Channel 4 / Via

    15. When canoodling with a chicken in bed to discuss the night's menu was perfectly normal.

    Channel 4 / Via

    16. When this tenuous link to Hitler was made.

    17. When a contestant served his banquet while dressed as a medieval king.

    Channel 4 / Via Twitter: @notbriannadunn

    18. When this contestant lashed out at the other contestants in the most hilarious way.

    #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling This iconic moment on Come Dine With Me shook the nation to it's core.

    19. And left us all shook to the very core.

    Channel 4


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