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    23 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Low-Key Obsessed With MAC Lipstick

    Once you go MAC, you never go back.

    1. Your obsession with MAC lipstick just kind of crept up on you. It went from innocently buying your first lipstick...

    Just bought my first Mac lipstick!! It's so good, and I really love it..

    2. very slowly realising...

    I may or may not be obsessed with mac lipstick

    3. ...your addiction has spiralled way out of control.

    "When the hell did I BUY all of these?!"

    4. The lipstick section in MAC brings you both pleasure and pain.

    5. Mainly because it's always so busy and there's so much goddamn choice.

    CNN / Via

    These decisions aren't to be taken lightly.

    6. And you've definitely given someone the eye for picking up the lipstick you were JUST about to try on.

    Def Jam / Via

    7. No matter what, you'll inevitably leave the store with a hand like this.

    β€œ@Sheldon_Jokes: What happens when girls step into a makeup outlet. ” me in the Mac store

    8. And lips that have seen better days.

    TBS / Via

    "I've tried on so many lipsticks that my lips are basically burning."

    9. You've probably owned MAC's Ruby Woo at some point.

    10. As well as 16 billion other reds that look just like it.

    11. Your addiction means you've taken full advantage of the "Back to MAC" recycling programme.

    12. You get super excited when there's a launch of a new lipstick line.

    AMC Theatres / Via

    13. And have fond memories of when Rihanna released her own lipstick and everyone went BAT. SHIT. CRAY.

    14. Autumn has a special place in your heart for one reason and one reason only.

    15. You have the unique gift of being able to recognise when someone's got a MAC lipstick on.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    I see you, sister. Let's be friends and discuss colour options.

    16. And sometimes you can even tell which colour it is too.

    I am the lipstick master. I can look at any MAC lipstick and guess it. I can find you a hybrid between two colors. I. am. the. master.

    17. There's nothing worse than losing a lipstick and knowing you will never get that money back.

    can't actually believe I've lost my honey love Mac lipstick literally feels like I've lost a family member

    18. Unless you come home and find your lipstick has been tampered with. That's definitely worse.

    19. You regularly enter the MAC store knowing full well you just went a few weeks ago.

    My candy store #lornastyle #beautyblogger #makeup #shopping #glamour #mac @MACcosmetics

    "I'm just checking to see if they have any new colours..."

    20. And there's a high chance when you visit you'll get way more than you bargained for.

    21. Because "browsing" for lipstick just doesn't exist.

    Every single time I'm at any #makeup store. #Lol #Mac #Lipstick #Beauty #Lippies #Fashion #NeedIt #WantIt

    22. You've tried to switch to other lipstick lines in an attempt to rid yourself of your obsession once and for all.

    NBC / Via

    After all, it is an expensive habit to keep up.

    23. But despite your best efforts, those perfectly pigmented puppies keep pulling you back.

    MAC 4eva.

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