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23 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Low-Key Obsessed With MAC Lipstick

Once you go MAC, you never go back.

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1. Your obsession with MAC lipstick just kind of crept up on you. It went from innocently buying your first lipstick...

Just bought my first Mac lipstick!! It's so good, and I really love it..

2. very slowly realising...

I may or may not be obsessed with mac lipstick


7. No matter what, you'll inevitably leave the store with a hand like this.

“@Sheldon_Jokes: What happens when girls step into a makeup outlet. ” me in the Mac store


11. Your addiction means you've taken full advantage of the "Back to MAC" recycling programme.

A chance to do a good deed AND get a free lipstick out of it? Yes please.


16. And sometimes you can even tell which colour it is too.

I am the lipstick master. I can look at any MAC lipstick and guess it. I can find you a hybrid between two colors. I. am. the. master.


17. There's nothing worse than losing a lipstick and knowing you will never get that money back.

can't actually believe I've lost my honey love Mac lipstick literally feels like I've lost a family member

19. You regularly enter the MAC store knowing full well you just went a few weeks ago.

My candy store #lornastyle #beautyblogger #makeup #shopping #glamour #mac @MACcosmetics

"I'm just checking to see if they have any new colours..."


21. Because "browsing" for lipstick just doesn't exist.

Every single time I'm at any #makeup store. #Lol #Mac #Lipstick #Beauty #Lippies #Fashion #NeedIt #WantIt

23. But despite your best efforts, those perfectly pigmented puppies keep pulling you back.