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26 Things You'll Only Understand If You Love Eating But Hate Cooking

Food is bae. Cooking, no way.

1. There are few things more pleasurable to you than eating a good meal.

20th Century Fox Television / CBS

Or any meal tbh, as long as you're eating.

2. But if there’s one thing you will avoid at any cost...

3.’s cooking it.

when your mom leaves you home alone and tells you to feed yourself

4. It’s not necessarily that you can't cook. You're sure you probably could, if you tried.

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5. But the effort that goes into preparing an entire meal is enough to put you off, forever.

And there's no guarantee that it'll turn out good anyway.

6. Anything that can go straight in the oven or microwave is your favourite thing to eat for dinner.

Which means you eat a LOT of frozen meals and noodles.

7. But if it can be ordered, then EVEN BETTER.

8. Because that means you don’t have to make breakfast in the morning.

NBC / Via

Win-win situation.

9. Your freezer is full of frozen meals.

10. And your fridge is normally scarce, since most fresh food requires actual cooking.

11. On the rare occasion you do cook, you immediately regret it as soon as you see all the dirty dishes it creates.

Twitter: @gardenerqueen

"Oh great, so now I have to CLEAN too?! Fuck this, I'm getting McDonald's next time."

12. You’ve skipped a meal just because you were too lazy to get up and prepare one.

Fox / 20th Television

13. You’ve tried buying things that will encourage you to cook, but the novelty wore off after the first use.

14. 70% of your Google searches look like this:

15. And you’ve had more accidents in the kitchen than you can count.

Atlas Entertainment / Columbia Pictures

Which to you is just a sign you should never have bothered in the first place.

16. You’ve convinced yourself that by not cooking you’re actually doing yourself a favour.

NBC / NBCUniversal Television Distribution

18. Whenever you're invited to an event where you're told to "bring a dish", you opt for bringing alcohol instead.

HBO / Dundee Productions / Via

19. You LOVE attending dinner parties because it means eating a ton of food you didn’t have to cook.

MTV / Viacom

20. But hosting one of your own is practically your worst nightmare.

Viacom / BuzzFeed

You can barely cook for yourself, let alone several people.

21. You spend the majority of your money on eating out or takeaways.

CBS / CBS Television Distribution

You dread to think just how much.

22. Because if you eat at home, you’ll probably end up making yourself a dinner like this:

23. Or forgetting about your dinner entirely.

24. You’ve dreamed about marrying a chef at one point, just so you could have all your meals made for you.

Warner Bros. / The Geffen Company

25. Sometimes you wish you actually liked cooking, since the people that do seem to have a great time.

CBS / Warner Bros. Television Distribution

26. But ultimately, you've accepted your fate. You're never gonna like cooking, so you may as well eat to make up for it.

NBC / NBCUniversal Television Distribution

Food is bae. Cooking, no way.

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