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    25 Things Everyone Who's Been On A Night Out To Smack Will Understand

    If you're a Warwick student, there's a 98% chance you've taken a picture in front of that random height wall.

    1. It's a Tuesday or Thursday night and you know what that means...time to prepare for an incredibly sweaty night out at Smack!

    Your no1 smack gal made it back after 5 weeks! DID YOU MISS ME? 💃🏽@SMACKLEAMINGTON #rt

    2. You'll inevitably find yourself pre-drinking at whoever's house is closest to the club, preferably in North Leam.

    Emily Baker / Via

    3. Because everyone knows there's no point going to Smack sober.

    MTV / Via

    You tried that once and it was a fucking disaster.

    4. Depending on the night, you'll make sure to get your hands on some queue jump tickets.

    5. But then spend at least 45 minutes queuing anyway.

    Queue for Smack is huge #bringonthetechno

    It is Smack, after all.

    6. If you've irresponsibly broken the seal, you'll come very close to pissing yourself in the queue or have to briefly leave to pee round the corner.


    7. And if not, you'll fear for your life when some impatient twats in line start pushing everyone forward.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    8. If you're anything but a fresher, you'll greet the bouncer at the door like he's your mate.

    Twitter: @jessemmahartley

    Because he's probably seen you at your worst. Or you've been kicked out before.

    9. Before you even make it inside, you'll have already lost track of who owes who money.

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    From paying for someone else's entry, borrowing money for the cloakroom, and being promised a drink at the bar, who can keep up?

    10. And once you do get inside, you'll take a traditional picture in front of the height wall.

    Emily Baker / Via

    It's only when you look back at those photos that you'll realise how tall or short you are in comparison to your friends.

    11. You'll make sure to keep this important piece of paper safe because if you lose it, you know you're done for.

    @SMACKLEAMINGTON do you have a mint green blazer please? #needit #wouldntletmeget

    Or you'll lose it while drunk and have to beg to get your coat back.

    12. Your first stop will probably be the bathroom to make sure you don't look too dishevelled.

    Them @SMACKLEAMINGTON Tuesday's last night with @sammyremfry 🍻👀

    And maybe you'll stop to take some pictures too.

    13. If you go to Warwick University, you'll see at least three-quarters of the people you know at random intervals during the night.

    14. If you don't go to Warwick, you'll eventually get annoyed by how many rowdy youths are scattered around the club.


    15. You'll give in to buying a £1 vodka Red Bull, even though the entire club reeks of it.

    16. At some point you'll find yourself in the queue for downstairs.

    Buena Vista Pictures / Via

    17. And then absolutely regret it when you get down there because downstairs is a fucking FURNACE.


    It's so goddamn hot down there, it's basically hell.

    18. You'll somehow manage to ignore the fact that the floor is covered in profanity.

    19. And when you stand on the sofas downstairs to dance, you'll touch the ceiling and feel the dampness of other people's sweat.

    NBC / Via

    Which will gross you out to no end.

    20. At least one of your friends will get way too drunk and find themselves dancing to Rihanna.

    Matthew Cullum

    21. You'll spot another of your friends getting off with a random in a corner of the dance floor.

    To sum up our girls holiday in one photo........

    22. And at any given moment you'll be forced to accompany a smoker outside to the smoking area, where you will freeze.

    #sexybeasts #smackgods @EmilyUpstone @SMACKLEAMINGTON

    23. That is, if this is not the night you're the horrendously drunk one.

    " drunk pass out at 7:30 #umaine #canthang " #SMACK

    24. Before getting a cab home, you'll stop to get some food and it will somehow taste better than anything you've had all day.

    25. And the next morning, you'll wake up with a headache, look down at the smudged black stamp on your wrist, and vow never to go back again.

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