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23 Things Anyone Who's Slightly Obsessed With Stationery Has Secretly Done

You've probably lied about having a spare pen because you didn't want anyone else to use it.

1. Practised your handwriting before making that first sacred mark in a new notebook.

2. Or torn an entire page out when you’ve made a mistake.

3. Organised your pens by colour, type of pen, or some other miscellaneous factor.

4. Taken the line width of your ruled paper incredibly seriously.

Found the cutest donut notebook but it has wide ruled paper

5. As well as the size of your pen nibs.

6. Got overly attached to a particular pen because you’re convinced it’s the one that makes your handwriting look the nicest.

7. Told yourself you couldn’t start a new task until you’d bought a notebook for it first.

8. Lied and said you didn’t have a pen because you didn’t want someone to take it.

9. Or kept a separate stash of pens for borrowing.

10. And convinced yourself that your pen just didn't write the same afterwards if you actually had the heart to lend it out in the first place.

11. Secretly harboured an intense jealousy of anyone with nicer handwriting than you.

12. Used the new year as an excuse to buy yet another planner.

13. And then bought several more during the year because you couldn’t bear to look at all the empty pages you forgot to fill out for a few weeks.

14. Winced when someone asked to borrow a piece of paper because it means ripping a page from your precious notepad.

15. Sharpened a pencil for no reason but to witness the beauty of a perfect shaving curl.

16. And so that all of your pencils look like this.

17. Been excited by the prospect of starting a new job or term at school because it means having to go stationery shopping.

18. Bought a pen that you knew was way too expensive and you’d probably never use because you "needed it".

19. Secretly enjoyed the smell of Sharpies.

20. And felt both calmed and slightly aroused by the art of calligraphy.

21. Refused to use a beautiful notebook for way too long because you still haven’t found a good enough reason to use it.

22. Slightly judged someone for their taste in stationery.

23. And finally, convinced yourself that new stationery is the key to organising your life.