22 Times Alicia Florrick Went From "The Good Wife" To "The Wife With No Fucks"

    Because her journey to becoming a strong, independent lady was beautiful.

    1. When she went from "The Good Wife" to "The Wife With No Fucks".

    2. When several people foolishly assumed she wasn't a force to be reckoned with just because she's a woman.

    3. When she'd had enough of the bullshit and delivered this line.

    4. When she gave Peter a brutal taste of his own medicine.

    5. When she reacted to the judge's decision to ban women from wearing pantsuits with this killer comment.

    6. When she offered her best "demure smile".

    7. When she couldn't bear to be anything but honest with her son.

    8. And had a very hard time taking his move to France seriously.

    9. When Jackie had pushed her one too many times.

    10. When she gracefully fell off several chairs.

    11. And still managed to look professional.

    12. When her dedication to wine was unfaltering.

    13. And she wasn't about to be lectured about her relationship with it.

    14. When she could see through false promises and had no time for it.

    15. When she did this face.

    16. And this face.

    17. When she was happy to partner with Cary, as long as they picked the perfect name.

    18. When she was so happy about Cary's victory that she kissed her campaign manager and left him stunned.

    19. When she finally knew her worth and wasn't afraid to let people know.

    20. When she was sick of useless chatter in the courtroom.

    21. When she pulled out the big guns in her feud with Will.

    22. And finally, when she was unapologetically herself.