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Let’s Settle This Once And For All: How Do You Pronounce “Plantain”?

Tell us how you say "plantain" and end this vicious debate forever.

Many of you may be familiar with this wondrously delicious fruit, commonly known as "plantain".

Plantain can be cooked in a variety of ways. It can be boiled:

Made into this tasty snack:

Or, in the best case scenario, FRIED TO HIGH HEAVEN:

And is NOT to be confused with a goddamn banana, for fuck's sake:

But, as delectable as plantain is, it presents a MASSIVE problem.


The how to pronounce plantain debate never gets old 😆

Africans and Caribbeans will never agree on how to pronounce 'plantain'.

People are divided about whether it's pronounced plan-TAYNE or plan-TIN.

I hate the way some people pronounce plantain . It's pronounced (plan-tin) .. not (plan-tayne)

If you pronounce plantain like plantin we can't be friends

I don't really see why any God fearing individual would pronounce plantain like "plantin"

And it can get pretty bloody personal.

If you pronounce plantain "plantayne" you better sit at the next furthest table from me

If you pronounce plantain like plant-taaayn instead of plant-tin, we going to have problems.

It irks my soul when people, especially Caribbeans, pronounce plantain as "plant-tin"