This SNL Parody Of The Reaction To Beyoncé’s “Formation” Is Hilarious

“It was the day that shook the whole white world.”

1. Last week, the internet collectively lost its shit when Beyoncé released her video for “Formation”.

The song was dropped in classic Beyoncé style (aka completely out of the blue) the day before the Super Bowl, and people have been freaking out about it ever since.

2. Now, the masters of hilarious parody at Saturday Night Live have created a sketch that perfectly captures some of the reaction to Beyoncé’s new track, entitled “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black”.

3. Things start off pretty ~normal~. The white people of the world are having a great week, unaware their lives are about to be shattered by Beyoncé’s blackness.

Who would have thought a morning coffee and a freezing run by the river would end in this.

5. In a sudden, drastic turn of events…

6. The truth about Beyoncé is revealed. Beyoncé is black and she ain’t never coming back.

7. White people everywhere start losing their minds. Earphones combust with the sound of black excellence. It was the day that shook the whole white world.

8. Desperate and confused, a white woman pleads with her friend to leave America. But alas, she’s black too.

It’s a breathtaking journey of black discovery.

9. Even Kerry Washington is revealed to be black.

The scandal.

10. And Taylor Swift…well, Taylor’s still white.

You can’t have ‘em all, I suppose.

11. This brand new information will truly change your life.

12. Watch the video here and you too can become similarly enlightened.

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Gena-mour Barrett is a staff writer for BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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