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Posted on Jun 7, 2016

21 Slightly Odd Things Every Cat Person Has Done At Some Point

"Hi kitty, what's up?" *silence* "Yeah, I totally get what you mean."

1. Asked your cat a question and expected an answer back.


2. And then been offended when they didn't answer you.



3. Felt personally betrayed when your cat cuddled up to someone else.

NBC / Via

"You'll be back! They always come back!"

4. Shown your cat its reflection in the mirror, just so they knew they were looking OK.

Twitter: @LiaPeltonen

Which doesn't always go down well.

5. Taken more selfies with your cat than with any other person.

6. Turned into an overprotective parent after seeing your cat with another cat.

My cat ain't been home for a minute and I find him here finessing 🤔

7. Considered your cat sitting on you to be the highest honour.

Instagram: @tatum.strangely

"Oh god, he looks so comfy. There's no way I can move now."

8. Convinced yourself you knew exactly what your cat was meowing.

A big bulk of my day is spent reassuring my cat about stuff but tbh I don't know...I really don't.

9. Begged your cat for forgiveness after accidentally stepping on its paw.

10. Introduced your cat to Snapchat without them knowing it.

11. Interrupted your cat's peaceful slumber to give them attention they definitely didn't want.

Adam Ellis / Via

12. Dressed your cat in something ~cute~ and told yourself they loved it.

They definitely don't love it.

13. Thought at some point that your cat's death stare was a surefire sign they were going to kill you.

Or they were possessed.

14. Felt a sense of solidarity with anyone wearing clothes covered with cat hairs.

It's always so dark in my flat so I never notice cat hairs and I'm almost at uni and have just noticed

15. Held a photoshoot for your cat.

16. Felt more nervous about going to the vet than your cat because you knew you'd feel ridiculously guilty.

"I'm sorry, it's for your own good :((("

17. Designated a random spot as your cat's area.

18. Been both proud and infuriated when you've caught your cat doing something it shouldn't be.

This is my cat. There are many cats like my cat; but this cat is my cat.

19. Lain on your cat's stomach because it's nice and cosy, but never with your whole weight due to fear of squishing them.

20. Been more concerned about your cat's appearance than your own.


21. Used your cat as the perfect shoulder to cry on when you were feeling sad.

Paramount Pictures

"That's why I love you, kitty, because you're always there for me...whether you like it or not."

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