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    11 Planners That Will Hopefully Save You When Everything Goes To Shit

    Because there's no such thing as being too prepared.

    1. The Happiness Planner

    Why you need it: If you want to focus on ensuring you have a healthier, happier 2017, The Happiness Planner is perfect. It's designed to invite more positivity into your life by encouraging positive thinking and mindfulness, and aims to build introspection into your routine. Inside the planner you'll find everything from inspirational quotes, to goal setting, to daily reflection.

    Get it here for £40.

    2. Hobonichi Techno Planner

    Why you need it: The Hobonichi Techno Planner has a loyal following of stationery fans who adore it for its practical layout and excellent paper quality – it's light and thin, but soaks up ink in a way that doesn't let it leak through the page. It's designed in a one-page-per-day format, which gives you lots of space to plan your day, record memories, and doodle. Be warned though, the original size is A6, so if you're looking for something a little bigger, have a look at The Cousin.

    Buy it here for £40.

    3. Travelogue Travel Journal

    Why you need it: If one of your New Year's resolutions for 2017 is to finally travel, this journal will be a blessing to your wanderlust bug. With 64 pages to record your memories, travel tips, and a checklist for organising, you'll be prepared in no time. Plus, the ingenious Travelogue comes with a scratch maps, where you can scratch off the places you've visited as a visual record of your adventures.

    Get it here for £12.99.

    Why you need it: Love planners, but hate the guilt of missing a few days? This affordable Ohh Deer x Urban Outfitters collab is exactly what you need. With open space for you to fill in the date, your timetable, and your objectives, this planner gives you the flexibility to do whatever you like.

    Get it here for £10.

    5. Mini "Keyboard" Weekly Planner

    Why you need it: Are you kind of a mess at work? Constantly feeling overwhelmed at your desk? Really wanna feel like you're doing something? Get yourself one of these lil' desk planners and enjoy the sweet bliss of weekly organising from the comfort of your desk chair. The pad has over 50 printed pages and has four lines per day of the week for you to jot down ideas and memos.

    Get it here for £5.95.

    6. Kikki.K Weekly Diary

    Why you need it: This stylish planner includes both monthly and weekly views for you to keep track of all your important info, while also incorporating a Wish List, Book List, and a Restaurant/Bars List. The diary comes in three different sizes and several different colours too.

    Get it here for £24.

    7. The Budget & Finance Planner

    Why you need it: The best way to get your shit together is to sort out your finances, so make that job a teensy bit easier with this printable budget planner kit. The kit is 23 pages worth of trackers to help you keep your spending to a minimum (or at least know where your money's going), and you can even set yourself challenges and financial milestones. The fact that it's printable also means the A5 pages will slot nicely into a planner you already have.

    Buy it here for £5.40.

    8. 12-month Planner

    Why you need it: Think of an extra vibrant and colourful filofax, and you have the 12-month planner. Its matte laminated hard cover assures people you're organised and sophisticated, while the sticker pages and artwork maintain the fun aspect of how a planner should be. Get this if you like decorating your diary and adding certain things to it for a special touch.

    Get it here for £11.85.

    9. Blush and Gold Wedding Planner

    Why you need it: Blush and Gold specialise in wedding and event stationery to prepare you or someone you love for the big day. It comes with more than 150 pages of worksheets and mood boards to help plan your wedding journey, and doubles as a cute little keepsake for after the day is done. It's practically impossible to forget a job with a planner like this.

    Get it here for £20.

    10. Eat Pretty, Live Well

    Why you need it: If one of your 2017 goals is to treat your body better, this journal has everything you need to start. It encourages you to "eat pretty" by choosing healthy, beautifying foods that will make you feel your best, incorporating an A to Z list of more than 150 radiance-boosting foods, and prompting you to pay closer attention to your daily habits. In addition to your meals, each day you can record a positive affirmation, what you're grateful for, and your health and beauty goal.

    Buy it here for £8.68.

    11. Organised Mum Life Book Diary

    Why you need it: The Life Book is ideal for any parent who wants to has a lot to do and needs to have it written down in one place. It's designed with lots of useful organisational features, including tear-off shopping lists on each weekly spread, monthly pages for finances, and a section on each day for meal plans. It's a diary that's as busy as you!

    Get it here for £14.49.