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19 People Who Went Above And Beyond To Make The Perfect Joke

These people deserve medals for their dedication.

1. The person who went above and beyond to commit to a single pun.

2. The brother whose "Shirtception" gift has been going on for years.

3. The friends whose Halloween costumes are a sign of their consistency.

Last year v this year.. glad we’ve matured

5. The person who hijacked an entire shelf of their parents' DVDs.

4 months ago i quietly left 57 dvds of 'click' at my parents' house and they've still never noticed or mentioned it

6. The guy who replaced all the family photos with another family member.

My brother has been replacing family photos with pics of Steve Buscemi and my mom hasn't noticed

7. The students who put this on the roof, even though it wasn't discovered until a year later.

8. The teacher who was so dedicated to his outfit choice that he effectively took the same photo 40 times.

9. The guy who shaved his beard just to be able to take this photo.

10. The person who probably took way longer than they should have writing this out.

11. The granddad who made this McDonalds joke.

12. The friends who staged an entire funeral for their mate.

13. The person who waited seven years just to nail this joke.

14. The friends whose dedication to the Harambe meme knew no bounds.

15. The people who thought of the most elaborate way to prank their friend.

16. Whoever the hell left this leek in the sink.

17. The person who used chemistry to deliver this joke.

WSB-TV 2 / Via

18. The roommate who made this shrine.

Roommate has date coming by later and asked me to clean bc he's not home. So I made a Princess D shrine in his room

19. And the most dedicated roommate of all time.

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