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    There's A Cheeky Nando's Music Video And It Is Insane

    The three guys who made it are calling themselves the Peri Boyz...

    Remember that time not too long ago when everyone (ahem, Americans) was confused about what a cheeky Nando's is?


    Well, we have now entered the realm of peak cheek, my friends, because three guys named the Peri Boyz have released a "Cheeky Nando's" music video, and it cannot be unseen.

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    The video stars David "SquatLAD" Vujanic, Mim "SpicyLAD" Shaikh, and Klayze "TinderLAD" Flaymz.

    Set in...wait for it..."Bantershire University", it begins with two lads discussing how downright cheeky they're feeling today, which of course leads to...

    Highlights, or more accurately "wtf is going on?" moments, include this guy drinking Peri-Peri sauce:

    Wh-what are you doing? Stop that now.

    This is not a drill.

    Literally nobody should like Peri-Peri this much.

    This guy's chicken dance, which I guess is apt, but also...what?

    The brief appearance of this guy's Peri-Peri penis...

    He then apparently loses his top in a mysterious accident because where the fuck did it go?

    And this "war" being waged against the "KFC lads".

    There's only room enough for one poultry palace.

    It's quite something, that's for sure.


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