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15 Lies Everyone Was Told About Adulthood


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1. Dream: You’ll have a super cool job you love and enjoy.


Reality: Who the fuck actually likes their job?

The answer is nobody, FYI.
NBC / Via

The answer is nobody, FYI.

2. Dream: You'll meet your partner in a romantic, fairytale setting.

Walt Disney / Via

Reality: Does Tinder count as "romantic"?

NBC / Via

3. Dream: The majority of things you learn at school will be useful.

Universal Pictures / Via

Reality: Those different types of rocks you memorised for your geography exam are probably not much use to you now. Sorry about that.

Knowing the definition of osmosis and mitosis will not pay the bills, my friend.

4. Dream: Your luxury mansion will be the envy of all your friends.

Comedy Central / Via

Reality: You can't actually afford that house though, can you?

Wayne State University / Via Facebook: media

5. Dream: Moving out of your parents' house will be so much fun!

New Line Cinema / Via

Reality: As long as you can pay for your rent, utilities, insurance, council tax, maintenance, TV licence, food etc. / Via

Hope you've got a small fortune stowed away somewhere.

6. Driving will be amazing! Road trip anyone?

Cash Money Records / Via

Reality: Except you'll never fucking get there because TRAFFIC IS EVERYWHERE.

7. Dream: All your meals will be a tantalising taste party in your mouth, made from the finest ingredients money can buy.

Reality: Erm...

Fox / Via

8. Dream: You'll have loads of cool and interesting hobbies.

Just hanging out with Becks, fishing some crazy fish.

Reality: All your cool and interesting hobbies involve alcohol.

CBS / Via

9. Dream: Staying up late every night will be a great idea.


@Yoo_Treasure I fell asleep on a train today This is Vanessas snap chat story


10. Dream: Teenage spots will no longer be a problem.

Reality: Yeah, that's all bollocks too.

11. Dream: You can be "whatever you want to be" (Thanks, Mum).

BBC / Via

Reality: That's if those dreams aren't crushed first by the harsh realities of adult life.


12. Dream: Debt? What's debt?

The Island Def Jam Music Group / Via

Reality: Facing your bank balance is a constant struggle.

13. Dream: That growing to understand the world will be a positive and enriching experience.

Capitol / Via

Reality: Except the world is depressing as fuck.

Real world is depressing and Disney World is happiness

Ignorance really is bliss :(

14. Dream: As an independent adult, you will no longer need your parents.

Cartoon Network / Via

You can do just fine on your own.

Reality: The dependence never ends.

15. Dream: You’ll gladly embrace adulthood and understand exactly who you are and what you’re doing.

BBC / Via

Reality: Nobody knows what they're doing and neither do you.