Your Taste In Music Will Reveal Your Inner Passion

Your music taste says way more than you think.

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  1. Getty Images
    <i>My Heart Will Go On</i> – Celine Dion
    Via Columbia Records
    My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion
    <i>Someone Like You</i> – Adele
    Via XL
    Someone Like You – Adele
    <i>Dance With My Father</i> – Luther Vandross
    Via J
    Dance With My Father – Luther Vandross
    <i>Mad World</i> – Michael Andrews & Gary Jules
    Via Sanctuary
    Mad World – Michael Andrews & Gary Jules
    <i>I Will Always Love You</i> – Whitney Houston
    Via Arista
    I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston
    <i>Chasing Cars</i> – Snow Patrol
    Via Interscope
    Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
  2. Getty Images
    <i>This Is How We Do It</i> – Montell Jordan
    Via Def Jam
    This Is How We Do It – Montell Jordan
    <i>No Diggity</i> – Blackstreet Feat. Dr Dre & Queen Pen
    Via Interscope
    No Diggity – Blackstreet Feat. Dr Dre & Queen Pen
    <i>Fancy</i> – Iggy Azalea Feat. Charli XCX
    Via Def Jam
    Fancy – Iggy Azalea Feat. Charli XCX
    <i>Gold Digger</i> – Kanye West Feat. Jamie Foxx
    Via Roc-A-Fella
    Gold Digger – Kanye West Feat. Jamie Foxx
    <i>Crazy In Love</i> – Beyoncé
    Via Columbia Records
    Crazy In Love – Beyoncé
    <i>1 Thing</i> – Amerie
    Via Columbia Records
    1 Thing – Amerie
  3. Getty Images
    <i>Fergalicious</i> – Fergie
    Via A&M
    Fergalicious – Fergie
    <i>Radioactive</i> – Imagine Dragons
    Via KIDinaKORNER
    Radioactive – Imagine Dragons
    <i>212</i> – Azealia Banks
    212 – Azealia Banks
    <i>Dark Horse</i> – Katy Perry Feat. Juicy J
    Via Capitol
    Dark Horse – Katy Perry Feat. Juicy J
    <i>Pound The Alarm</i> – Nicki Minaj
    Via Young Money
    Pound The Alarm – Nicki Minaj
    <i>Greyhound</i> – Swedish House Mafia
    Via Virgin
    Greyhound – Swedish House Mafia
  4. Getty Images
    <i>Slide</i> – Calvin Harris Feat. Frank Ocean
    Via Sony
    Slide – Calvin Harris Feat. Frank Ocean
    <i>Uptown Funk</i> – Bruno Mars
    Via RCA
    Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
    <i>Summertime</i> – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
    Via Jive
    Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
    <i>Hot In Herre</i> – Nelly
    Via Universal
    Hot In Herre – Nelly
    <i>Red Red Wine</i> – UB40
    Via A&M
    Red Red Wine – UB40
    <i>Get Lucky</i> – Daft Punk Feat. Pharrell
    Via Columbia Records
    Get Lucky – Daft Punk Feat. Pharrell
  5. Getty Images
    <i>Let's Get It On</i> – Marvin Gaye
    Let's Get It On – Marvin Gaye
    <i>Pony</i> – Ginuwine
    Via 550
    Pony – Ginuwine
    <i>Body Party</i> – Ciara
    Via Epic
    Body Party – Ciara
    <i>Kiss It Better</i> – Rihanna
    Via Roc Nation
    Kiss It Better – Rihanna
    <i>Birthday Sex</i> – Jeremih
    Via Def Jam
    Birthday Sex – Jeremih
    <i>Untitled (How Does It Feel)</i> – D'Angelo
    Via Virgin
    Untitled (How Does It Feel) – D'Angelo
  6. Getty Images
    <i>Smells Like Teen Spirit</i> – Nirvana
    Via DGC
    Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana
    <i>Under Pressure</i> – Queen & David Bowie
    Via EMI
    Under Pressure – Queen & David Bowie
    <i>Walk This Way</i> – Aerosmith
    Via Columbia Records
    Walk This Way – Aerosmith
    <i>One Way Or Another</i> – Blondie
    Via Chrysalis
    One Way Or Another – Blondie
    <i>Livin' On A Prayer</i> – Bon Jovi
    Via Mercury
    Livin' On A Prayer – Bon Jovi
    <i>Bohemian Rhapsody</i> – Queen
    Via EMI
    Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
  7. Getty Images
    <i>Thinking Out Loud</i> – Ed Sheeran
    Via Asylum
    Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran
    <i>This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)</i> – Natalie Cole
    Via Capitol
    This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) – Natalie Cole
    <i>At Last</i> – Etta James
    Via Argo
    At Last – Etta James
    <i>Let's Stay Together</i> – Al Green
    Via Hi
    Let's Stay Together – Al Green
    <i>All Of Me</i> – John Legend
    Via GOOD Music
    All Of Me – John Legend
    <i>Everything</i> – Michael Bublé
    Via 143
    Everything – Michael Bublé
  8. Getty Images
    <i>Take A Bow</i> – Rihanna
    Via Def Jam
    Take A Bow – Rihanna
    <i>Irreplaceable</i> – Beyoncé
    Via Columbia Records
    Irreplaceable – Beyoncé
    <i>Since U Been Gone</i> – Kelly Clarkson
    Via RCA
    Since U Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson
    <i>We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together</i> – Taylor Swift
    Via Big Machine
    We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift
    <i>I Will Survive</i> – Gloria Gaynor
    Via Polydor
    I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor
    <i>Marvin's Room</i> – Drake
    Via Aspire
    Marvin's Room – Drake

Your Taste In Music Will Reveal Your Inner Passion

You got: Creating

You've got an incredibly creative mind, which means you're always looking for opportunities to make your ideas a reality. You have a wild imagination, and it sometimes feels as though no one quite understands your ~vision~ because you have such a unique way of thinking. Your one weakness is that you find it difficult to accept criticism, particularly if it's regarding your work, because it takes so much courage for you to share it in the first place.

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You got: Exploring

You love being spontaneous and doing things that most people would be way too scared to attempt. Whether it's trying something out of your comfort zone or journeying to somewhere completely new, you're always up for expanding your horizons. Your active nature means you're never dull to be around, but the downside is that you can get bored quite easily, and need to be mentally stimulated in order to feel fulfilled.

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You got: Helping others

You're a naturally empathetic person who enjoys caring for others and lending your hand where you can. You're the backbone of your friendship group – people come to you when they need support and guidance, and your intuitive, reasoned nature means you're perfectly equipped to help. You wear your heart on your sleeve and would rarely do anything to intentionally hurt someone, but your weakness is that you can sometimes give too much to others and completely forget about yourself.

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You got: Learning

You enjoy trying new things and becoming well-versed in a wealth of different activities in order to expand your mind and diversify your experiences. Learning doesn't necessarily mean traditional education, your passion for learning is also evident in your love of deep conversations with both friends and strangers, and hearing other people's points of view. You like to keep an open mind about things, and your least favourite people are those who judge. The only downside is that you can sometimes be a sponge for other people's problems, and it can take a toll on your mood.

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You got: Achieving success

Whatever you do in life, your aim is always to be the best. Some may take your drive for ruthlessness, but that's simply your competitive nature, which is nothing to be ashamed about. You're always looking for new challenges in order to fulfil your potential, and you take great satisfaction in pushing yourself and achieving the seemingly impossible. Sometimes you beat yourself up for not achieving your goals, but that's only because you often set them too high.

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You got: Connecting with other people

You thrive around others and dislike spending too much time alone. You love meeting new people and establishing new friendships, and you work hard to maintain those. In fact, you're extra proud of those friendships you've preserved for years. Your energy is largely influenced by other people's, so you like to be in a positive environment, but the downside is if those same people are negative, it can sap your energy leaving you feeling emotionally exhausted.

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