A Man Is Creating Miniature Art For Every Day Of The Year And It’s Amazing

    Anyone who can make a Google search bar look like a bookcase is seriously talented.

    Tatsuya Tanaka is an art director, designer, and photographer from Japan. He has been creating miniature life scenes on a daily basis since 2011.

    The work, which he shared with BuzzFeed, is part of Tanaka's "Miniature Calendar" project. He uploads a photo of the teeny tiny scenarios every day to his website.

    And it is AMAZING.

    Look at this stuff!

    Is that a broccoli masquerading as a tree? Yes. Yes it is.

    Paperclip escalators? Cool, sure.

    Chilli sleeping bags? Why not?

    A LITERAL banana hut selling miniature bananas? YES PLEASE.

    It gets more and more astounding every time.

    See more of Tanaka's work on his website and Instagram.