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    Aug 5, 2015

    "Deadpool" Trailers Feature Prolifically Profane Ryan Reynolds, Massive Mega-Violence

    As you would expect from Marvel's "merc with a mouth." But no, really, it's pretty NSFW.

    It began with a teaser on Monday, in which Ryan Reynolds — bedecked head to toe in red skivvies as mouthy mercenary Deadpool— self-deprecatingly poked fun at his previous, panned take on the meta Marvel antihero in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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    And then on Tuesday night, the cultish army of cosplayers who worship the wise-cracking super assassin were rewarded with the ridiculously gory red band trailer.

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    And it's got everything, from Deadpool doodling to Salt-N-Peppa's "Shoop"...

    To obligatory, balletic slow-motion kill shots....

    To Colossus from the X-Men...

    To sick burns about Deadpool's sick burns.

    Basically, hardcore Deadpool fans are going to have the following reaction:

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