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25 Weird And Wonderful Bras From Triumph Lingerie

Luxurious undergarments and Japan's predilection for useless inventions, together at last. The Triumph Lingerie company is fond of unveiling novelty bras in Japan on a yearly basis, most of which never get past the prototype phase. Here are but a few.

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1. The Super Cool Bra

Modeled after a miniature fishbowl, this bra has gel material designed to take excess heat out of the body. Created so women can feel refreshed during summer. 2012.

2. The Recycled Bra

Eriko Sugita / Reuters

Each bra and briefs pair are made from three and a half plastic bottles, 100 percent polyethylene terephthalate broken down into chips, chemically reprocessed into thread and then woven into fabric and lace.

3. The Cinderella Bra

Yuriko Nakao / Reuters

Made almost entirely of glass, with soda glass for the cups and braided glass beads for the straps, side panel and the center piece. 2002.


6. The Anti-Smoking Manifesto Bra

Yuriko Nakao / Reuters

Holds a capsule containing a lavender fragrance, which calms feelings of irritation while attempting to give up smoking and supposedly alters the taste of cigarettes into something unpleasant. 2003.

8. The Haru-Urara Bra

Eriko Sugita / Reuters

Haru-urara is a popular racing horse in Japan that has never won a single race, loved for her determination. Features a dye-technology that uses real carrots. 2004.


10. The Stop The Birthrate Decline Bra

Yuriko Nakao / Reuters

Illustrates children supporting elderly women, created to increase awareness of the issue of a serious decline in Japan's population. 2006.

13. The No More Plastic Bags Bra

Yuriko Nakao / Reuters

Converts into a shopping bag, meant to raise awareness amongst customers to reduce the usage of plastics bags for the good of the environment. 2006.


14. The Post Privatization Total Surprise Bra!

Toru Hanai / Reuters

Japan's Prime Minister was striving to privatize Japan's Post Office, and Triumph wanted to express support for him. 2005.

15. The Photovoltaic-Powered Bra

Features a solar panel which can display messages, also equipped with pads designed to hold beverages to reduce usage of cans and plastic bottles. 2008.

17. The Eco-Globe Bra

Eriko Sugita / Reuters

Has cups that join together to form a palm-sized green globe, made from environmentally-friendly materials such as corn, hemp and recycled paper. 2004.

18. The Rakuten Eagles Bra

Issei Kato / Reuters

Decorated with the team's mascots Clutch and Clucchina, clutching the ball-shaped cups trimmed with a "V" for victory sign. 2005.


19. The Millenium Bra

Toshiyuki Aizawa / Reuters

Costing $1.9 million and completely hand-woven using only 24-karat gold thread with a 15-karat diamond resting in the front. 1999.

21. The Support Japan Bra

Yuriko Nakao / Reuters

Words of encouragement from 54 individuals in 36 countries and regions are printed along with corresponding flags on the bra corset and skirt, to bring hope to the victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami. 2011.

22. The Konkatsu Bra

Yuriko Nakao / Reuters

Konkatsu literally means "marriage hunting." Features a marriage countdown clock showing the marriage deadline set by the wearer. When an engagement ring is inserted between the cups the melody of "The Wedding March" is played. 2009.

25. The Armageddon Bra

Eriko Sugita / Reuters

Indicates danger from falling objects acknowledged by a sensor attached at a shoulder strap, inspired by Nostradamus' doomsday prophecy.

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