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19 Bizarre Inventions That Should Probably Stay In 2015

There's no room for you in the future. Sorry.

1. Flatulence-filtering Underwear

Shreddies / REX Shutterstock

A British clothing manufacturer named Shreddies a line of underwear for men and women which claims to block gas. This is possible because of a carbon material called Zorflex, used elsewhere in chemical warfare suits but also found in these undies. The Leicester-based company says, "We know fart pants, pajamas, and jeans are funny, but we also know we have a product that really helps people with serious medical issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, or ulcerative colitis."

2. Selfie Toasters

Schlemmer / Schlemmer/REX Shutterstock

Hammacher Schlemmer released an appliance that brands a slice of toast with its owner's face. All one has to do is submit a headshot, and the company creates custom heating inserts to convert the photo to one side of the personalized toast.

3. Breathometer Mints

Breathometer / Breathometer/REX Shutterstock

This device tells you when your mouth isn't as fresh as it could be. Described as the first wireless oral health smartphone device, the pocket-sized device enables users to instantly measure breath quality and hydration levels.

4. Breathable Alcohol Bars

Garage Ccc / Garage CCC/REX Shutterstock

Creative studio Bompass and Parr have opened an Alcoholic Architecture adventure in London's Borough Market, which lets you inhale alcohol instead of drinking it. People can pop into the walk-in cloud bar and enjoy a variety of breathable cocktails, with each experience lasting 50 minutes. The humidity in the room is around 140 percent, allowing visitors to absorb the cocktails through their lungs and eyeballs. It is said that bypassing the liver, allows people to get drunk more quickly.

5. The mood-altering Thync Module

Thync / REX Shutterstock

Thync is a wearable device that claims to enable the user to "shift mental states in minutes" with just the switch of a setting. From Thync's press release: "Based upon decades of research from neuroscientists and engineers from Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Arizona State University, Thync's proprietary technology relies on low levels of pulsed electrical energy to signal specific neural pathways, allowing users to dial up or dial down their stress responses and energy levels."

6. Leftover Food Waste Fashion

Rotterdam / Rotterdam/REX Shutterstock

A team of design students called Fruitleather Rotterdam have figured out a way to turn leftover food into vegan leather — which they're calling "fruitleather" — and then turning that into cute little tote bags.

7. Hello Kitty Toilet Seats

Yoshikazu Tsuno / AFP / Getty Images

This Sanrio prototype model of a Hello Kitty toilet seat comes with seat heating and warm water shower function.

8. Robot Bridesmaids

China Daily China Daily Infor / Reuters

A robot company refashioned its product — originally meant for service in a restaurant — to function as a bridesmaid at weddings.

9. 3D Printed Bridges

Joris Laarman / Joris Laarman/REX Shutterstock

In 2016, Dutch company MX3D will oversee the building of a 3D-printed bridge over an Amsterdam canal. MX3D claim they can "3D print beautiful, functional objects in almost any form, that are much larger and more efficiently produced than has been possible until now."

10. 3D Printed Grass

Maja Petek / Maja Petek/REX Shutterstock

A group of students created a 3D-print-machine that prints soil, water and seeds. Maja Petek, one of the students credited with developing the project said: "In the project we tried to link art, nature and technology. The base of the project is a CNC machine designed to print a mixture of soil, water and seeds. The results are printed pictures that turn green over time."

11. Sprayable Sleep

Sprayable Sleep / Sprayable Sleep/REX Shutterstock

Sprayable Sleep allows you to spray melatonin, a hormone which helps regulate sleep, directly onto your skin. Its creators claim this is better than the more common pill form because the spray allows the melatonin to be slowly absorbed into your system.

12. Multifunctional Mustache Protectors

Odd Company / ODD Company/REX Shutterstock

The Stache Shield, does exactly what it promises — guards mustaches from food and drink, placed either on the drinking container, or directly onto the face.

13. Robot Restaurants

Eatsa / eatsa/REX Shutterstock

A 'robot restaurant' with no staff has opened in San Francisco, California, called Eatsa, where customers never have interact with a human. Instead, customers are asked to order their food from a virtual cashier. They then wait for personalized graphics to appear on a special cubby-holes from which they collect their meal. A spokesperson explains: "Eatsa features a simple and interactive ordering experience, a virtual cashier, and no wait time. Eatsa's unique virtual cashier remembers every customer allowing for highly personalized interaction and tailored suggestions."

14. ROBEAR Nurses

Riken / Riken/REX Shutterstock

The experimental nursing care robot, ROBEAR is strong and coordinated enough to lift a patient from a bed, place him or her into a wheelchair, or help a patient who is unable to stand on their own.

15. Han the Humanoid

Tyrone Siu / Reuters

A humanoid robot named Han developed by Hanson Robotics can make facial expressions on command, and is able to answer simple questions.. Han's skin is made out of an elastic polymer called Frubber, and its face contains about 40 motors which help create expressions. According to his creators, Han would be ideal in customer service.

16. Bionic Ants

Wolfgang Rattay / Reuters

A woman holds a BionicANT (according to manufacturer, 'ANT' stands for both its natural design and the words Autonomous Networking Technologies) developed by German FESTO company, developed to work cooperatively with each other to accomplish tasks.

17. Autonomous Commercial Trucks

Freightliner / Freightliner/REX Shutterstock

The Freightliner Inspiration Truck is the first autonomous commercial truck licensed to operate on an open U.S. public highway. This doesn't mean it's a driverless truck, but its engineers do make claims to "unlock autonomous vehicle advancements that reduce accidents, improve fuel consumption, cut highway congestion, and safeguard the environment."

18. Cocktails based on your Facebook profile

Social Shot / Social Shot/REX Shutterstock

Called the Social Shot, the automated bar creates customized cocktails based on datasets acquired from Facebook profiles. The designers say the device allows you to "drink yourself" by matching each of the five ingredients with a personality trait.

19. Selfie Spoons

General Mills / General Mills/REX Shutterstock

The 30-inch selfie stick attaches your phone to your spoon (or fork, or whatever) so you can take a photo while eating. The product is real, but it's also a sort of inside-joke creation by the makers of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which gave away a thousand selfie spoons as part of a promo.


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