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25 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and beautiful pictures from the past week.

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Mohamed Abd El Ghany / Reuters

A child's shoe is seen in front of debris from a Russian airliner which crashed at the Hassana area in Arish city, north Egypt, on November 1. All 224 people on board the plane were killed.

Maxim Shemetov / Reuters

People lay flowers near a cross made of 224 candles to commemorate victims of the Russian airliner crash in Egypt, on the stairs of the Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow, Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a day of national mourning for Sunday.

John Moore / Getty Images

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters run drills during their last week of a military training in Erbil, Iraq. The Kurdish troops, many of them frontline veterans, are rotated in for the 5-week program. Coalition forces from Europe and the United States are training Peshmerga and Iraqi Army troops in the fight against the Islamic State.

Joel Kowsky / AP

In this newly released photo from October 28th, 2014, the dramatic explosion of the Orbital Antares rocket is seen immediately after it suffered a catastrophic anomaly during its launch. The Cygnus spacecraft was filled with supplies slated for the International Space Station, including science experiments, experiment hardware, spare parts, and crew provisions.

China Stringer Network / Reuters

Chinese People's Liberation Army soldiers use flamethrowers to detonate mines in Wenshan, Yunnan province, that were laid by China during the China-Vietnam conflict in the 1980s. According to China Daily, China started a mission in cooperation with Vietnam to remove more than 470,000 mines before the end of 2017.

Daniel Mihailescu / AFP / Getty Images

A miner is seen at the end of his last shift at the coal mine in the Romanian city of Petrila. Petrila, the oldest coal mine in Romania and deepest mine in Europe, was closed on October 30th as part of Bucharest's promise to liquidate unprofitable mines.

Mussa Qawasma / Reuters

Palestinian protesters in the West Bank city of Hebron are seen looking at Israeli troops during a protest demanding that Israel return the bodies of Palestinians who allegedly stabbed several Israelis.

Jorge Silva / Reuters

A woman stands while working in a brick factory at the outskirts of Yangon, Myanmar. The country is holding its first free and fair election in 25 years in which democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi is pitted against the ruling party, comprised of former members of a military junta.

Vadim Ghirda / AP

Maria Ion, a 38 year-old widow and mother of five, lies in a coffin wearing a wedding dress as two of her children, Denisa and her sister Alexandra, pose next to her after requesting a souvenir picture with their mother. Maria, who struggled on a very small income, was a victim of a fire that engulfed a nightclub in Bucharest, Romania, killing tens of people and injured many others.

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

An elderly couple look at Remembrance crosses in the Field of Remembrance outside Westminster Abbey ahead of it's official opening in London, England. Hundreds of small crosses bearing poppies are being planted in the Field of Remembrance to pay tribute to British servicemen and women who have lost their lives in conflict.

Kevin Frayer / Getty Images

A Tibetan Buddhist nomad woman prepares tea at dusk following a chanting session as part of the annual Bliss Dharma Assembly at the Larung Wuming Buddhist Institute in Sichuan province, China. The last of four annual assemblies, the week long annual gathering takes place in the ninth month of the Tibetan calendar and marks Buddha's descent from the heavens.

Hector Retamal / AFP / Getty Images

A man is seen in trance during the ceremonies honoring the Haitian voodoo spirits of Baron Samdi and Gede, on the Day of the Dead in the National Cemetery in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. On November 1st, believers and devotees offered candles, alcohol and food to the dead.

Ibraheem Abu Mustafa / Reuters

A Palestinian woman paints a mural, depicting a masked Palestinian holding a knife, in support of Palestinians committing stabbing attacks against Israelis.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Dressed as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, 13-year-old Razvan Godja and 27 other children wear Halloween costumes as they take the Oath of Allegiance during their naturalization ceremony in Washington, DC. Godja, who was born in Romania, and the other children became some of the United States' youngest and newest citizens before heading out for the American tradition of trick-or-treating.

Scott Barbour / Getty Images

Two woman bend backwards between two racegoers who have their ties tied together for a game of limbo, following the 2015 Melbourne Cup Day at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Australia.

Jeff Curr / USA Today Sports

Kansas City Royals players pose for a team photo after defeating the New York Mets in game five of the World Series at Citi Field. The Royals won the World Series four games to one.

Anthony Wallace / AFP / Getty Images

A large goldfish is displayed in a bag at a street stall of the Mong Kok Goldfish Market in Hong Kong. Goldfish are particularly important within the practice of 'Fung Shui', the ancient Chinese system to bring harmony to a house, creating a high demand for the fish amongst the superstitious as well as local aquarists.

Denis Charlet / AFP / Getty Images

Firefighters and animal rescuers inspect the carcasses of long-finned pilot whales stranded on a beach in the northern French city of Calais. Six of the ten beached whales had already died by the time firefighters and members of the local Animal Protection League got to the scene, but they were able to revive four of the mammals, including two calves, and helped them return to the sea.

Damir Sagolj / Reuters

A Tibetan Buddhist monk takes pictures with his smartphone of a daily chanting session at a Buddhist laymen lodge during the Utmost Bliss Dharma Assembly in Sichuan province, China.