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    Just 28 Cute And Fun Products From Amazon That’ll Help Brighten Your Dog’s Day

    Toys, treats, clothes, and accessories that are almost as adorable as your pooch. I said almost! A-l-m-o-s-t! Geez.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    1. A Friends couch plush squeaker toy, so you can follow your pup around singing, "So no one told you woofs were gonna be this way [clap clap clap clap]."

    The toy, which is a small, plush orange couch with the word "Pivot!" printed on it

    Promising review: "Being a huge Friends fan, I had to purchase this for my dogs!! I love it and so do they!!! The size was great, so no need to 'pivot pivot pivot.'" —Kelly Battersby

    Price: $9.61

    2. A plush "Lick Croix" can squeaker toy, because your pup wants to take part in your bubbly water obsession, even if they can't drink the stuff.

    A small dog with the toy, which is shaped like a can and is slightly smaller than the dog's head

    Promising review: "I bought this as a gimmick (i.e., for the enjoyment of our pamplemousse Le Croix loving-fam as much as for our dog). But despite it's relatively unremarkable shape and the fact that it barely fits in her mouth (small size is still a bit big for a runty 5-pound poodle), this toy became a favorite from the moment it came out of its Christmas wrapping. Whether she's licking it, chewing it, playing with it, or using it as a pillow, my girl is never far from her her "Lick Croix" toy. Huge success!" —Sarah

    Price: $14.99+ (available in sizes S and L, and 23 variations)

    3. A set of durable, stain-resistant bandanas so cute, you'll honestly be tempted to steal them for yourself. And size large fits dogs 30+ lbs, so even larger pups get to be total fashion plates.

    The bandana, which has a rose-mauve color, with a print of white line drawings of roses

    Promising review: "I cannot explain how much I love these bandanas!! My puppy Ruby loves them so much, too! Ruby is a very active pup and they stay on her ALL day! I also love they come in a pack of four, so there are a few different styles to choose from. The quality is amazing and the material is very comfortable. A simple way to have your doggie looking stylish." —Sean Preetorious

    Price: $24.95 (available in sizes S and L)

    4. A soft cotton bowtie, for occasions when your doggo wants to get a little dressed up (photos, weddings, holidays, job interviews, etc).

    The bow tie in black and white check print

    Promising review: "I was honestly surprised by how thick this collar was, and how easily adjustable it is. He’s still a puppy and he’ll for sure be able to fit into this as an adult. It’s soft on the outside, and lined thickly on the inside. The bow tie is held on by elastics, so you can move it around." —T Quigley

    Price: $11.95+ (available in sizes S-L, and five colors)

    5. A glittery, cable knit turtleneck sweater that will make your pup look like a tiny lifestyle influencer. Admit it, you want to take home design advice from this dog!

    A corgi in the sweater in pink

    Promising review: "This sweater is adorable. Soft stretchy material and isn’t itchy. Has the wool look, which makes it so cute. She seems to like it. She’s 9 lbs and the small fits perfectly." —NGat96

    Price: $12.99+ (available in sizes XS-S and two colors)

    6. A hot dog bed for small dogs who love food and getting snuggly (adorable wiener of a dog not included).

    A dog in the bed, lying between the two "bun" sides

    Promising review: "I got this bed to put on my couch, so that my Shiba Inu would sit in one spot. He loves his bed and sleeps in it all day. After having it for a few months, I gently washed it and it stayed intact."—Punkrock61832

    Price: $15.99+ (available in five styles)

    7. A set of handmade birthday cookies, so you can celebrate the day you agreed to let a tiny fur ball become your boss (and you couldn't be happier about it)., Amazon

    Promising review: "Oreo really enjoyed his cookies and so did his other dog pal gang. I wanted to cry when I saw them, because they were so perfect! He was in a shelter before I adopted him, and I really wanted to make his first birthday special. I would definitely order these again for his next birthday or just because." —Keiantia V.

    Price: $39.95+ (available in four styles)

    8. A legs-out dog carrier, for pups who are happier traveling in the open air, and humans who want to put a smile on everyone's face (seriously, try to look at a dog in one of these and not become filled with joy.)

    A dog in the striped carrier, hanging from the owner's chest

    Promising review: "I have to admit, I had my doubts about this working for MY Yorkie. She is 7 years old and a very anxious traveler, usually whining and crying. I’ve never found a way to travel with her that made us both comfortable. Until we received the carrier! We took our time configuring the straps to the correct length and I found it comfortable to wear the harness. I LOVE the way they put the side zippers in and the velcro straps. The carrier unfolds, so that putting the dog inside is an absolute breeze. I was blown away by how after only a brief moment of struggle (which I now think was just her adjusting herself in the carrier) she settled in. We got on our bikes and went on a 45-minute ride. She seemed to be enjoying it!! I was so amazed. Finally, I can take my baby with me and not worry about her anxiety." —Nogrey

    Price: $20.99+ (available in sizes S-XL and six colors)

    9. A paw print ornament kit that isn't just for the holidays — the prints can be hung from a tree or displayed on the stands included in the kit.

    Two ornaments, made from white clay, with each dog's name stenciled on the ornament beside their paw print

    The kit comes with a clay roller, a clay cutter, ribbons, stencils, and enough clay to make two ornaments.

    Promising review: "Making a paw print of my labs was on my to do list for years, so I finally looked around and found this kit. This kit is great and includes everything you need, so you don't have to look for any rolling pins or anything!

    The clay is air drying. There's no mixing or baking needed, so that part is awesome. It wasn't messy at all! The BEST thing about this kit is that I could put his name on the ornament! I have a few dogs, so without it, it would just be a blur of paws." —Nellie

    Price: $16.95

    10. A DC superhero costume harness, for dogs who are eagerly awaiting the Snyder cut of Justice League.

    A dog in the Superman harness, with detachable cape

    Promising review: "Looks great on my 9-month-old French bulldog. I bought the mid-size and he still has room to grow. Also, it can be adjusted a little. Chest harness looks comfortable, the cape is attached by two velcro points on the harness, with a leash that hooks onto the harness through the cape." —Haju

    Price: $12.81 (available in sizes S-L and three heroes)

    11. Or a Marvel harness, because your pupster could not get enough of WandaVision (well, okay, maybe they just liked that one episode with the dog in it).

    A dog in the Captain America harness

    Promising review: "Perfect! Looks just like the picture. Great quality. Got an XL and it fit my 100-lb lab perfectly." —Kara

    Price: $12.16+ (available in sizes S-XL and three heroes)

    12. A tuxedo, for pups who are part of their parents' wedding party, or just like to look extra-sharp at the dog park.

    A dog in the tuxedo, which looks like a real tuxedo with black jacket, white shirt, and black bow tie

    Promising review: "I'm getting married next month and we agreed our dog had to have a tux because it would be just too funny and cute. I was laughing so hard after putting this on my dog, fits perfectly and it's so cute. I absolutely suggest getting a measuring tape and measuring properly, and if it's between two sizes, go for the larger! My rat terrier fits into the XXL, and it fits him like it was made for him. It also took me a while to realize that it opened in the front, like a normal shirt, with snaps and Velcro. I love it and he doesn't seem to mind wearing it, either." —Victoria Stone

    Price: $12.99 (available in sizes S-XXL)

    13. A floating, teeth-cleaning rose chew toy that your pup will definitely accept.

    A dog plays with the toy, which has a thick, green textured stem, and a hard plastic red "rose" top

    Promising review: "This chew toy is worth every penny! We have a boxer pup who chews EVERYTHING! We’ve gone through loads of toys that she destroys in no time at all. This chew toy TRULY is indestructible. She works on it daily and it’s stood up to 7 months (so far) of daily chew activity. I also have to say the design is adorable. I love when she walks around with this rose hanging out of her mouth. It’s just too cute! Everyone who sees it asks where to get it. This is one puppy purchase you will not regret!" —Leanne Fagan

    Price: $13.99 (available in two colors)

    14. A leopard print sweater, for people who aren't afraid to admit that their dog is a better dresser than they are.

    A chihuahua in the sweater in yellow

    Promising review: "Easy on and off, for the sweater-hating dog that goes all stiff-legged while getting dressed. The arm holes are big enough to get the legs through, yet there is still coverage on the chest. Nice, warm, comfortable turtleneck that isn't too big or tight. Very soft and doesn't snag. Not warm enough to plow through the snow, but for a quick run out to pee, or a ride in the car they are perfect! THEY DO RUN SMALL. Definitely recommend!"—Joeysmom

    Price: $17.98+ (available in sizes S-XXXL and six colors)

    15. A plaque-removing chew toy that looks like corn on the cob, because there is literally nothing cuter than a dog pretending to eat corn on the cob (don't fight me, it's SCIENCE)!

    A dog chewing on the toy, which is shaped like an ear of corn on the cob, with a hollow center with a rope running through it

    Promising review: "I’ve bought many toys for my corgi, but they rarely last more than a week, because she rips them to shreds. But not this toy. It’s still going strong. She loves carrying around her corn toy. She also loves playing tug on the rope." —francisco

    Price: $12.99

    16. Or a big rubber-and-nylon turkey drumstick, for more aggressive chompers.

    A dog chews on the rubber turkey toy

    Promising review: "Super durable and heavy. My Frenchie destroys everythingggg, even the tough toys, but this one has held up with only some teeth marks. He seems to love this toy!" —Amazon customer

    Price: $14.99

    17. A monkey rope toy that's more fun than a barrel of... rope toys.

    A dog plays with the toy, which is a stuffed money doll with rope loops extending between its arms and legs

    Promising review: "OMG, I love this monkey. I have two Great Danes who LOVE to tug. This monkey is a month old and still together. It’s my Great Danes favorite toy, other than chew bones. This thing has been pulled by two 130 pound dogs and although he is grossly dirty and fraying a little bit, he’s still doing his job. Every other tug toy I’ve tried like this didn’t last more than 20 minutes. We LOVE this monkey!" —Juliet

    Price: $12.49+ (available in three colors)

    18. Or a plush tug toy, because it basically looks like your favorite childhood stuffy.

    A dog plays with the toy, which has a plush stuffed animal head, and thin plush body for tugging

    Promising review: "I am astounded this toy has lasted as long as it has. I have three Golden Retrievers whose main goal in life is to destroy any toy they get within a matter of minutes. I was hesitant to buy this toy for that reason, but based on the reviews, I thought I'd give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised. These toys are still hanging in there quite well after two weeks. They love them and constantly play a three way tug of war with them and they still have not torn. They have madly tried to get the squeakers out with no luck. If my dogs cannot destroy these toys, I have serious doubts any other dog can!" —12pawz

    Price: $17.99 (available in four animals)

    19. A squeaky, interactive burrow toy with soft plush dolls, so your pupperoni can stay busy while engaging their hunting instincts (yes, your dog has hunting instincts, even if the main thing they seem to hunt is dropped chicken nuggets).

    The toy in banana, which has several small, detachable monkeys sticking out of holes in the banana

    Promising review: "My dog loves her monkeys!! She’s pretty picky with toys, but this is her new favorite for sure. I wasn’t sure she would understand the premise of getting the monkeys out of the banana, but she does! She even keeps trying to get things out of the banana after all three monkeys are out. Great toy and great price." —Alyssa Delagnes

    Price: $9.99+ (available in three styles)

    20. A birthday or gotcha day bandana, because your pup won't understand why they're getting so much extra attention, but trust me, they won't be upset about it.

    A Great Dane wearing the blue "Happy Birthday" bandana

    Promising review: "I bought a size L for our Great Dane foster who was turning one while in our care. When it arrived, it looked small, so I was aggravated that yet another item that says it’s for Great Danes would not fit. But I was wrong! Once you undo it, it’s actually a great size for her. I was able to tie it with enough room. It’s very light and doesn’t bother her. It looks just like the posts and was precious for birthday photos." —Mallory I.

    Price: $8.99 (available in sizes M-L and 11 styles)

    21. A feeder toy that's designed for tough chewers ~and~ looks like an adorable strawberry? It's called "range."

    A dog holds the toy, which is shaped like a strawberry and is hollow so that it may hold and dispense treats

    Promising review: "I gave this toy to my destructo-dog, and after over a solid week of toting around, it is still in one piece! For inside fun, we put small treats in it, but it's a really great fetch toy, too. Nice smell (no chem smell), thick and bouncy! Cleaned right up in the dishwasher." —Adriene

    Price: $13.99

    22. A tough chew toy for the pup who wants to get in on your gaming nights.

    The toy, which looks like a video game controller and is bright blue

    Promising review: "This is very tough and such a cute design. My son thought it was a toy at first. Our puppy has chewed up all his other toys that claimed to be for chewers. This was the first time we received a toy that claimed durability, that actual is durable. Cant wait to buy more from this brand." —Shannon Howen

    Price: $17.99

    23. A dog ice cream-making kit, so you can have everything you need to make tasty treats to cool down your hot dog.

    A dog licks the ice cream from the carton

    Promising review: "Purchased the maple bacon flavor for dog’s birthday. Some reviews said it’s hard to mix, so I used a Ninja drink blender and it worked great. Poured back into carton after mixing. Froze overnight, then softened up in fridge about an hour before serving. I guess it smells and tastes delicious to dogs, as all three of them were dancing around me while I got it ready, and they licked up every last drop. Dogs are each about 50-60 lb, they each got 1/4 cup. They also had puppy cake. It’s been more than 24 hours and no tummy troubles. Still plenty left in carton so I think it’s a good deal and the dogs all definitely loved it. Will buy again." —Rebecca L.

    Price: $8.99 (or Subscribe & Save for $8.99/ month)

    24. A plush microphone chew and tug toy, for the dog who's a karaoke star (even if that isn't exactly what your neighbors would call it).

    The toy, which is soft and looks like a microphone, with a rope that looks like a cord sticking out of the end

    Promising review: "A great toy that our 'little' (100-lb and 125-lb) dogs love! It's got a nice sturdy body and a rope they can tug on. Everyone that comes over and sees the dogs playing with it cracks up at it, too, so it's an extra bonus." —Gabriel Saylors

    Price: $10.99+ (available in sizes S-M/L and five styles)

    25. An elevated dog bed that looks like a shrunken sofa, because seriously, what could be more adorable than giving your dog a couch and putting it next to your couch? I love it and I don't even know you.

    The bed, which looks like a shrunken version of a wrap-around couch

    Promising review: "My dachshund LOVES this bed, he takes his treats and toys there like it’s his little 'area,' it’s adorable. I was so happy he likes it. My dog is around 18 pounds and he fits in perfectly!" —Danielle Giancola

    Price: $92.13

    26. A floating, water-safe, donut-print flying disc, so park days can be even more fun., Amazon

    Promising review: "I have two water dogs who are both obsessed with their Hyper Pet Flippy Floppers. They are honestly one of their favorite toys: lightweight, great flyers, THEY FLOAT, and they are more durable than I ever expected. They hold up surprisingly well to constant gnawing and tugs, and although the very first one we ever bought is looking pretty ragged these days (holding on by a thread, LITERALLY), it is still my girl's FAVORITE. And despite being riddled with tears and holes, it STILL manages to fly! I also love that they're made of soft bendable nylon canvas type material, so even if my girls get bonked in the head with one when running after it, it causes them no harm. Honestly, I have no complaints for these ridiculously great frisbees!!!—Amazon customer

    Price: $7.95 (available in five prints)

    27. A floating, waterproof, LED light-up ball, because if you ask your dog, they will tell you that "it's pitch-black out" is no excuse to not play fetch.

    A dog plays with the ball, which lights up brightly—not a glow but actual light

    Promising review: "I have a 65-lb German shredder and she kills every tennis ball she gets. But she is totally in love with these balls. They are amazing and super fun! They are very bright and so far, after a few months of use, are still holding up fantastically. I highly highly recommend this for dogs that love to fetch. It most fun when played with in the dark." —Chelsi Antonelli

    Price: $14.28

    28. A ball launcher that will let you throw tennis balls without straining your shoulder, so playtime can last as long as your pup wants, i.e. forever.

    A dog holds the launcher, which looks like a Super Soaker-style large water gun

    Promising review: "My little Shih Tzu/Jack Russle mix LOVES to play fetch. Unfortunately, I have issues with the vertebrae in my neck and it is very painful for me to throw a ball. Thanks to this little gun, we can play for as long as we like! It's very easy to cock and I love that the ball can be picked up with the launcher, so I can avoid getting dog slime on my hands If you purchase this item, you can look forward to many hours of fun!" —Patricia C.

    Price: $14.95+ (available in two sizes)

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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