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  • 5 Strange Foods That Cats Love Eat!

    Hey guys, it’s Alec the Science Kid here! Cat’s like other foods, too. Other than a clump of mushy wet cat food or that dry, hard stuff shaped as x’s and o’s. In fact, cats love a huge variety of delicious sweet delicacies! Listed below are 10 food items that you probably had no clue your cat would want to chomp on. Please, do not test feeding a variety of different foods on your own cats or anyone else’s. Some foods are harmful and should be researched if healthy for them before you feed it to them. The foods listed below are just a few foods that are okay for them to digest. For more, visit:! On my website, you can check out my totally awesome science books that are filled with tons of did you know facts and answers to hard questions we ask ourselves each day! Click here to check them out —->

  • 5 Of The Worst Places In The Universe!

    Have you ever wondered how great and awesome it would be to live in outer space? Well, sure, it would be cool. But just like how every city had a crappy part, the universe has ugly parts as well. Listed below are the 10 most bone-chilling to metal-melting to the most unstable places in the universe! Enjoy!

  • 5 OMG’s & WTF’s That Came From The Science World!

    Everything the science world offers is not just life-changing inventions and world-shaping discoveries. The science world can pull a Miley Cyrus every once in a while. Listed below are inventions and theories that are just as weird as the crazy and disturbing side of YouTube! Enjoy!

  • 10 Kick A** Lessons We Can All Learn From Albert Einstein!

    The word “Einstein” has become universally associated with being intelligent. Although not all of us are physicists and a “Smarty-pants” like him, the way he lived and worked has inspired people to have the same attitude towards life. Listed below are just some of the things you can learn from the great and amazingly successful, the one and only, Albert Einstein!

  • 5 Most “Earth-Like” Planets In The Galaxy!

    Some where in the universe, there might just be another pale blue dot floating around in deep outer space, orbiting a sun-like star. And on that pale blue dot could be thousands of species of life and tons of water on the surface just like home! With the right distance from their host star, these planets could be holding the key to creating life…liquid water!

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