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5 OMG's & WTF's That Came From The Science World!

Everything the science world offers is not just life-changing inventions and world-shaping discoveries. The science world can pull a Miley Cyrus every once in a while. Listed below are inventions and theories that are just as weird as the crazy and disturbing side of YouTube! Enjoy!

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1. The liver circulates blood while the heart circulates “the vital spirit”

Second-century physician Galen theorized that it was the liver that circulated blood, bile and phlegm, while it was the heart that circulated the “vital spirit.” He said that the blood is consumed by the organs as fuel and it moves in a back-and-forth motion. Crazy, huh?

2. Life on Earth started from garbage

Often considered one of the silliest and hilarious scientific theories ever to be proposed, the "Garbage Theory" states that the origins of life on Earth can be traced back to millions/billions of years ago, when aliens supposedly dumped their trash on Earth. And from then on, the human race evolved. I'm sorry but I can't help but laugh! Hahaha!

3. The Zoo Theory

The Zoo Theory suggests that aliens exist but would never make their presence known to humanity so they cannot exert an influence on human development. This theory suggests that we are like animals being observed in a zoo, being monitored by aliens who would not make contact with us until we reach a certain level of advancement

4. Life on the sun

Although today we know that the sun is basically an enormous nuclear furnace that's temperatures rise well over 1,000,000 degrees, in the 1700′s people thought differently. Even William Herschel, the discoverer of Uranus, thought that sunspots were actually "mountain tops" peeking through the suns "orange clouds", People and scientists at the time never knew there had to be so many necessities and requirements for life to spawn on a planet, which is exactly why they thought this.

5. Our universe arose from the collision of two or more universes

Unlike the Big Bang Theory where the universe began from a singularity, the Ekpyrotic Model of the Universe suggests that the universe arose from the collision of two three-dimensional worlds in space. This means that aside from our universe, there is at least one other universe out there and that our twin universe is separated from us by a distance that is allegedly less than the diameter of an atom.

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