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    63 Moments That Turn Friends Into Best Friends

    Mainly bitching and eating.

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    1) Sharing your grossest story that you've never told anyone before.

    2) And them sharing an even grosser one back.

    3) Having a spontaneous sleepover and borrowing each other's pyjamas.

    4) Always borrowing the same pyjamas whenever you stay over.

    5) Until you just slyly end up stealing those pyjamas.

    6) Watching a whole TV series together.

    7) Rewatching that series together years later.

    8) And discussing which characters you'd be.

    9) Having a massive argument where you both end up crying.

    10) Getting over that argument and forgetting what it was even about.

    11) Saying a really bitchy thing about someone that you never should have thought in the first place.

    12) And them replying to your horrible bitchy comment with just, "OMG same."

    13) Then descending into a massive bitch fest which will probably result in both you being damned for all eternity.

    14) Breaking up with someone and crying down the phone to them.

    15) Ending their wallowing period and forcing them to leave the house.

    16) Being the ultimate wingman/woman.

    17) Telling everyone about that one time they threw-up everywhere at their own party.

    18) But not telling everyone about that other embarrassing thing that happened.

    19) Telling them they look damn hot.

    20) Telling them they look great, when actually, they've looked better.

    21) Telling them they look a bit shit and actually they should probably wash their hair because their ex might be there.

    22) Holding back their hair while they puke everywhere.

    23) And them doing the same for you.

    24) Liking one of their worst photos on Facebook from 2008 so it pops up on everyone's newsfeed again.

    25) Liking every one of their profile pictures as soon as they put it up.

    26) Eating a full meal together at 2am.

    27) Cooking for them when they're too hungover to move.

    28) Going on holiday together.

    29) And making holiday friends that you thought you'd totally stay in touch with.

    30) And then Facebook stalking them together years later.

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    31) Backing them up in an argument when you could have stayed out of it.

    32) Composing all important texts together.

    33) Stealing their phone and sending that text when they're too scared.

    34) And analysing every possible meaning of the reply.

    35) Skyping each other for hours when you're away.

    36) Snapchatting from changing rooms to get an extra opinion.

    37) Calling them to ask their advice on what you should wear for a date because they know everything in your wardrobe.

    38) Helping to fake tan, moisturise or wax that little bit they can't quite reach.

    39) Sitting in silence together doing absolutely nothing.

    40) Having a normal conversation while one of you is using the toilet.

    41) Hanging out with each other's families and being totally relaxed.

    42) Also bitching about each other's families, because they're the only person who knows them well enough.

    43) Laughing so hard you think you might pee at an in-joke that you can't remember the origin of.

    44) Describing someone that annoys you at work, and them replying with, "Oh he sounds like a twat" even though they've never met him.

    45) Telling them a piece of gossip you pinky promised you wouldn't tell them.

    46) Calling them out when you can tell they are totally bullshiting.

    47) Them making you laugh when you felt like you wouldn't laugh ever again.

    48) Going on a date night just you two.

    49) And drinking a lot.

    50) And eating even more.

    51) Discussing the minute detail of every new sexual experience.

    52) Maybe using props to illustrate exactly what it looked like and what was going on.

    53) Playing "would you rather" with all of your friends.

    54) And ranking them with who you would marry first.

    55) Leaving a party early together because it was boring and you'd rather be at one of your houses eating food.

    56) Perving on random strangers on the street together, subtly of course.

    57) And then saying "Nooooo don't look now" when they're not being subtle enough.

    58) Being genuinely proud when they achieve something.

    59) Planning your imaginary futures together.

    60) Like what you'll wear to each others weddings.

    61) How your kids will have to be best friends too.

    62) Or how you'll be totally glamorous spinsters.

    63) Spinsters that watch a lot of TV while eating food and wearing each other's pyjamas.

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

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