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22 Things That Happen When You Live With Other People

You will have to queue to use your own bathroom.

1. One of your housemates will always start showering just as you need a wee.


You'll try and get in some kind of morning routine, but it never quite works.

2. And you always want to do laundry on the exact same day.

3. The sofa space will be slightly inadequate.

4. This will get worse when someone invites their friend over.

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Someone will have to sit on the floor.

5. And even worse when housemates invite their "special friends" over.

6. You bitch about all your housemates, to all your other housemates.


And they have probably both bitched about you. Not in a necessarily in a mean way, but in a therapeutic way.

7. Some housemates will see certain foods as communal and others will not.

Onions are obviously a communal food.

8. There will be a clear hierarchy of who does the most cleaning, but only the person at the top will be fully aware of this.


9. Almost all of your arguments will revolve around the washing up.

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There will be a lot of passive aggression.

10. The only time you'll do a really thorough clean is when someone's parents come to visit.


11. The person with most expensive shampoo will hide it in their room, rather than leaving it in the bathroom.

12. You will hear someone else have sex.

Walt Disney

It might scar you for life.

13. Someone will bring a cold into the house and everyone will get it.


And then angrily blame the bringer of the cold.

14. You will accidentally wear someone else's underwear at some point.

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It was on the drying rack, and it looked very similar to your own M&S multipack briefs.

15. A vegetable will be left in the fridge so long that it will become unidentifiable.


No one will own up to being the owner of the vegetable.

16. Someone will get a boyfriend or girlfriend who unofficially moves in.


How much tension this causes will be based on how fun they are, and how much loo roll they use up.

17. Something crucial will break and no one will call the landlord for several days.

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Who needs hot water anyway?

18. You will have a drunk DMC with every single one of your housemates.


DMC: Deep meaningful chat.

19. There will be one housemate who is incapable of being both drunk and quiet.

Even if you don't hear them come in, when you come downstairs in the morning there will be a tell-tale trail of destruction.

20. One housemate will have a really weird food habit.

But by the end of the year, everyone will have tried it.

21. There will always be hair in the sink.

These pieces of hair I found on my sink describe exactly how I feel

They appear the minute you clean the sink and everyone claims they're not theirs.

22. You will see one of your housemates completely in the nude.

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Probably by accident, but maybe not.

23. Maybe one day you'll be able to afford your own house.


Lol jk.

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