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22 Things That Happen When You Live With Other People

You will have to queue to use your own bathroom.

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3. The sofa space will be slightly inadequate.


And no one wants to sit in the middle.

5. And even worse when housemates invite their "special friends" over.


It is actually better to sit in between a couple and forcibly separate them, than to sit next to them while they're making out.

6. You bitch about all your housemates, to all your other housemates.


And they have probably both bitched about you. Not in a necessarily in a mean way, but in a therapeutic way.

19. There will be one housemate who is incapable of being both drunk and quiet.


Even if you don't hear them come in, when you come downstairs in the morning there will be a tell-tale trail of destruction.

21. There will always be hair in the sink.

These pieces of hair I found on my sink describe exactly how I feel

They appear the minute you clean the sink and everyone claims they're not theirs.

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