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21 Things All Lanky People Know To Be True

Just stop with the giraffe jokes.

1. The longer your limbs, the more awkward you are.

Especially when it comes to any kind of dancing.

2. You tend to stand out in a crowd.

Not necessarily in a good way.

3. You have a lot of practice in folding yourself to fit in.

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

4. "Looking natural" just doesn't come naturally to you.

The world wasn't designed with us in mind.

5. Sometimes you actually forget how long your limbs really are.

#lankyproblems going to put your arm around a girl at the movie theatre and accudentaly dippin your hand in a guys nachos six seats away

6. You always have to fold up your legs awkwardly on any kind of public transport.

7. And because of your boney bum you can't ever get comfortable.

cartoon network

8. You are constantly playing accidental footsie with people.

"Please don't wink at me, I did not mean to flirt with my feet."

9. Because of your large size, but small weight, you tend to blow away in the wind more easily.


Seriously, you are like a sail, it's a danger.

10. Relatives are constantly trying to feed you up.

Gold Circle Films

11. But just because you're lanky doesn't necessarily mean you're skinny all over.


Just very boney around the knees and elbows.

12. A lifetime of standing out awkwardly has given you a terrible posture.

Walt Disney Pictures

Trying to fold yourself away is not good for your back.

13. This graph describes every shirt you've ever bought.

14. And all of your jeans are ankle grazers.

Twitter: @hannahrunci

You have to roll them up a little bit more so it looks like they're that short on purpose.

15. If you have a bath at least half your body will be out of the water.

16. And showers aren't safe either.

17. If you're a girl you'll get called "boyish".

"Just because I'm more ironing board than hourglass it does not make me anymore like a man."

18. And if you're a boy you'll be told you need to "bulk up."

20th Century Fox

"Well I think you need to fuck off."

19. You have no problem seeing in crowds.

20. And your elbows are like weapons they're so sharp.

21. Remember: Being gangly does not mean you can't be graceful.

Google / Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

Lanky4lyf πŸ’–

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