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22 Of The Most WTF Things That Have Ever Happened On Tumblr

This website can make you question everything you ever knew.

1. The time someone shaved Zeus.

2. This hairstyle.

3. Possibly the weirdest fan fiction on Tumblr.

4. This terrifying thought.

5. The strangest murder weapon of all time.

6. This tale from an art class that makes you bring your own paintbrushes.

7. The time someone "tried to act normal" by asking their mum about her sex life.

8. The time these white jeans decided it was time to take a stand.

9. When this imagined creature was brought into the world and literally no one wanted it.

10. When childhoods everywhere were ruined.

11. When Tumblr just stopped trying to be normal.

12. When science saved the day again.

13. World's most annoying moose or stupidest police force?

14. When no one could ever look at Hugh Laurie in quite the same way ever again.

15. When George W. Bush faced his greatest dilemma to date.

16. When reality as you know it seemed to gently slip away.

17. When no one even knows anymore.

18. When no one would answer the question we're all desperate to know the answer to.

19. Whatever is going on here.

20. The best mac and cheese that has ever been made.

21. When the universe came together and order was restored.

22. What is seen cannot be unseen.