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    The 39 Funniest Pictures I Have Seen On The Internet

    The crème de la crème of internet lolz.

    1. The Roof Painter

    kirvesperse / Igmur / Via

    Look at him, what a plonker.

    2. The Cat Who Made a Bad, Bad Decision

    @moren1ke / Twitter / Via Twitter: @moren1ke

    You can see it on his face that he's not a lilo man.

    3. Ding Ding

    @PandaApple83 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @PandaApple83

    Ding ding.

    4. Mark With a "C"

    dsuprema / Imgur / Via

    The greatest Starbucks name fail ever, even better than Clint's.

    5. Kenny and His Cereal Bar

    Imgur / Via

    Bless Kenny.

    6. The Grown-Ass Man at Chipotle

    meefling / Tumblr / Via

    It could have happened to any of us really.

    7. The Classic Cake Fail

    GallowBoob / Reddit / Via

    All the more funny when you think about how long it would take to pipe this.

    8. The Learning Curve

    drock42 / Reddit / Via

    You've got to make some mistakes once.

    9. "Regret" – 2013

    @kassulke / Twitter / Via Twitter: @kassulke

    That's a sad kitty.

    10. The Ikea Chair

    iwillmindfuckyou / Tumblr / Via

    Oh no.

    11. The Suspicious Mom!!!

    @tluchiano / Twitter / Via Twitter: @tluchiano

    If you looks for something hard enough you'll always find...some mints.

    12. The Tribute to Chloé

    1) that's the worst hing AV saw 2) that's ment to be me 3) THATS NO MA DATE OF BIRTH 4) that's Ma da's leg

    Your da loves you Chloé.

    13. The Lab Appropriate Shoes

    MrMatt138 / Imgur / Via


    14. Ciara's Goldfish

    Tbt to when my fish that lived for 3 years died and I didn't have a picture with it so I made my mom take one

    It was a very good fish.

    15. A Story in Four Parts

    Allbobmyshelf / Imgur / Via

    He's one of them now.

    16. Andrew's Eye Test

    Needless to say, I don't think it's good news.

    Sorry about that Andrew.

    17. The Two Types of Cat

    Such diversity in our beautiful world.

    18. Caught In The Act

    whiskeydicked / Tumblr / Via

    Not everyone needs to see that Felix.

    19. The Banana Move

    My son got mad at me yesterday and opened all the bananas in the house. What type of passive aggressive monster...

    Time to make some bread.

    20. The Best Present Ever

    He's so happy with his lil' hand.

    21. The Cat That Forgot How to Cat

    aannnnaabanana / Reddit / Via

    He broke.

    22. The Ultimate Dad Joke

    @paigealban23 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @paigealban23

    23. The Fivehead Passport

    reece1 / Reddit / Via

    It's funny because she got a big forehead.

    24. The Squirrel Who Fell

    beefyfritosburrito / Reddit / Via

    I think he was fine though.

    25. The Impossible Selfie

    Don't ask me how I managed to take this because I'm not entirely sure

    Proof that magic exists.

    26. The Food Blogger's Peril

    hiltusori / Tumblr / Via

    RIP that gravy.

    27. The Stapler From Floor Four

    mitllo88 / Reddit / Via

    He had a lovely time.

    28. The Weirdly Tall Kitty

    McPokie / Reddit / Via

    The cat's got a lot of limb.

    29. The Noodle Disaster

    @desi_4018 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @desi_4018

    It's the stare that does it.

    30. The Harry Styles Vomit Shrine

    @kimiwing / Twitter / Via Twitter: @kimiwing

    The world is full of good.

    31. The Grown-ass Man Who Got Stuck in a Playground

    ihatetechnofu2 / Reddit / Via

    He's probably still there.

    32. The Balloon Student

    @mymindsajoke / Twitter / Via Twitter: @mymindsajoke
    @mymindsajoke / Twitter / Via Twitter: @mymindsajoke

    He was a good student.

    33. The Alpaca Threesome

    Some days you just feel like a dog at an alpaca orgy.

    We've all been that dog.

    34. Evil Cone Cat: Cones Again

    Ben_zyl / Reddit / Via

    Conemageddon, etc...

    35. The Seflie King

    speldenaar / Reddit / Via

    He got every 'pad in the shop.

    36. The Cat's Balls

    bonniegallagher / Reddit / Via


    37. The First Ride At Disneyland

    renough / Reddit / Via

    At least her dad's having fun.

    38. The Thought Process

    irishchck14 / Reddit / Via

    Sometimes you just know, you know?

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