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    24 T-Shirts For People Who Hate People

    Hate other people? These t-shirts will help you repel them. Forever.

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    1. For when you want to achieve that "cute, but also angry, but like in an ironic way" look.

    That's sure to get rid of people.

    2. When you want people to know that if they talked to you, you would tell them jokes that you learned from a joke-a-day calendar for dog lovers.

    3. When you want to physically repel every British person in a five-mile radius.

    4. This one, which when paired with a smug grin, will help you to avoid all human contact.

    5. This one, which is a 100% guaranteed ticket to a lifetime of well-deserved isolation.

    6. This one is for when you want people to know that even though you look like an adult, you have the emotional capability of a 13-year-old emo kid.

    7. Better yet, let people know that you paid actual human money, on the internet, to silently express your lingering teenage angst.

    It's a golden ticket to freedom from other people.

    8. For when you don't want to talk to anyone, and you've got a food baby.

    You just don't have any time in your life for small talk, human company, or non-elasticated waistbands.

    9. With the power of a novelty t-shirt combined with Comic Sans font, you can repel the interest of other people in half the time.

    10. For when you want to give people a free pass to turn around and walk away from you as quickly as possible.

    11. For when you want people to suspect that you're ~deep~ in a way that will make them fucking miserable if they continued speaking to you.

    12. Or when you want to make sure that anyone who even tried to interact with you would be doomed to failure.

    This will do the trick.

    13. For when you want there to be no doubt that you're a dickhead.

    People don't bother with dickheads.

    14. Or when you want people to know that rather than feed yourself, you spent your money on a t-shirt that says you don't know how to feed yourself.

    15. For when you want the people around you to roll their eyes so hard that it messes with their contact lenses.

    16. Or when you want them to groan audibly when you come too close.

    17. When you want a bright colour to make sure no-one misses the fact that you're the biggest asshole in town.

    18. For when you want to absolutely guarantee that you will never make a friend, get a job, or gain the love of another human being for the rest of your life.

    Yup, that'll do it.

    19. For when everything has got a bit much lately and you would rather sit in a dark room on your own until the end of time than work out how to be a functioning adult.

    20. For when you want people to know that the only thing edgier than your personality is your choice of fonts.

    21. And you also want them to suspect that you have a mysterious and interesting problem that they'll never get to know about.

    22. For when you really just want to tell everyone to fuck off, but are also going to be spending some time with children that day.

    23. For when you are just done with people.

    24. And people are 100% done with you.

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