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18 Weird Things People Who Are Always Cold Do All The Time

Tights under jeans is literally the hottest look this time of year.

1. Wearing gloves while typing.

Twitter: @LaurieMcElderry

Yes it's incredibly difficult, but if you don't do it your fingers might fall off.

2. Carrying around a blanket with you because it's the only thing that can fight the cold.

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

Totally ruins your office chic though.

3. Strategically positioning yourself next to the heat source in any room you enter.

4. Or just straight up bringing your own heater to make your office bearable.

5. Feeling personally attacked when someone suggests turning down the heating.

6. Campaigning for an end to all air conditioning, even in hot weather.

Scyther5 / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

Air conditioning ruins summer.

7. Fantasizing about moving to somewhere it's always hot every single winter.

8. Wearing tights or thermals under your jeans every time it's slightly colder than normal.

Twitter: @Damaris__t

Wooly tights under jeans does make moving kind of difficult though.

9. And wearing at least three layers at all times.

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

Your mum was right about vests.

10. Sleeping in socks.

Twitter: @katytree_

Mainly so you can have the best feeling in the world when you finally warm up and get to take them off under the covers.

11. Constantly having a hot drink on the go in an effort to keep your hands warm.

12. Rejecting all fashion trends that involve wearing less clothes. / BuzzFeed / BuzzFeed

13. Or just prioritizing being warm over looking nice all winter.


Even if you do wear a nice outfit you'll have to put a massive coat on the top in order to leave the house.

14. Giving up on eating healthy because all you want is warming comfort foods.

15. Asking to move in a restaurant if they sit you near the door.

Hell hath no fury like the draft of a slightly open restaurant door

If there's no other seats then you'll just glare at anyone who dares to enter or leave the restaurant.

16. Wriggling your toes or stamping your feet to try and get some warm blood into your toes.

17. Avoiding leaving the house just because you can't face the cold.

18. Giving death stares to everyone who replies to your moaning with "It's not that cold".


They don't know what it's like to have ice running through your veins.

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