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    21 Denim Fails Committed In The '00s

    It was a dark time for jeans.

    1. In the '00s jeans with zips were so outdated.

    2. And corset fastenings were just so hot.

    3. If you had to have a zip, it should've ideally been at the back, of course.

    And if you had to wear a belt, it was ideally already part of your jeans.

    4. Jeans were super boring unless they were ~distressed~.

    5. It didn't matter how your jeans were faded, so long as they weren't the same colour all over.

    6. These ultra-distressed, built-in-belt, exposed-zip jeans would have been super cool in 2006.

    7. The more low-rise the better in the '00s – even if that meant just hacking a bit off the top of your jeans.

    8. Your jeans had to be low enough so everyone could see your thong.

    9. In the late-'00s transition period between low-rise and high-rise jeans, it was all about low-rise jeans with a denim corset on top.

    10. In the '00s your jeans were too short unless they touched the ground.

    11. The only other acceptable length for jeans was capri.

    12. In the '00s we tried to make denim frilly.

    13. We also tried to pleat denim.

    14. We loved a waistcoat in the '00s. We loved a corset. We loved some denim.

    15. The denim blazer was the ultimate smart-casual look.

    16. We loved a hat made out of denim.

    17. In case wearing Ugg boots with a denim mini wasn't enough, denim Uggs were also a thing.

    18. Denim coats totally happened.

    19. So did shiny sleeveless denim coats.

    20. So did whatever this is.

    21. And of course, who can forget the most iconic denim look of all time?