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19 Signs Emoji Is Taking Over Your Life

You have basically morphed into sassy pink jumper lady.

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1. You act out certain emojis IRL.

Like when you do something sassy you're all 💁 and when someone needs to shut it down you're all 🙅.

2. You feel like you can tell a lot about someone by their most recent emojis page.

for the first time, something is more used than 😂 !! I'm obsessed with 🎉 emoji tho ✔️✔️

It's like a little window into their soul.

3. You've taught your mum how to use emoji.

It was necessary for you to be able to communicate freely.

4. You get excited when you see things that look like emojis in real life. 😎

5. It's probably a sign right? If you seen an IRL emoji you will have 100 happy days or some shit.

This person could have used regular emoji, but no, they chose the IRL way.

when you eliminate girl hate from your life you feel 100 emoji it's awesome 10/10 would recommend

Very interesting development in the evolution of emoji use.

7. You need some emoji swag in your life. 🙏

8. You have a detailed and extensive emoji code.

And it extends way beyond your basic aubergine and peach.


11. When you discover a new emoji that fits perfectly into your life you get a bit obsessed.

💋 my new favourite emoji. It goes on everthing - gives a real transvestite impression. 💄💋

It's like expanding your emoji vocab.

12. And you feel the need to tell the world.

11:31pm and this is my new favourite emoji 🐘

Maybe you'll find someone with the same favourite emoji and they will be your soulmate.

14. But you find a way.

i don't know what this emoji 🙌 actually means tho, and don't tell me, because i have already decided it means wu-tang.


15. If they ever do finally release the new emojis your excitement will be though the roof. 💥

Come on emoji gods, now is the time. 🙌

18. You can't quite remember what life was like before emoji.

But seriously, how did we communicate before Emoji?

son: dad what does ":) <3" mean? me: in a time before emoji is was the mating call

19. But there is no way you're going back.