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How Likeable Are You?

Does everyone like you? Or just your mum?

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  1. 1.

    Tell no one, obviously.
    You have to tell your BFF, and maybe if you get bored at work you could text your BFF No. 2.
    Depends on who told you the gossip, but probably tell your BFF.
    Tell no one, but it's really hard.
  2. 2.

    Offer a seat immediately.
    Offer her your seat if no one else does. Better safe than sorry.
    Bah, she'll be OK. Stay sitting.
    See how happy she looks standing, then decide.
  3. 3.

    "Never mind, see you soon. Xx"
    "No worries, get well soon. Xxx"
    "WHAT?! You sure, comeee onnnn, can't be that bad??!?! Loser. X"
    You don't reply.
  4. 4.

    Yeah sure, they'd look great in them.
    Nope, you don't want anyone else looking as good as you do in them.
    Maybe, if they don't stain easy.
    Yes, but secretly you think you look better in them.
  5. 5.

    If I thought it was something bad I would tell.
    Depends what it was. Only if it was really bad.
    Nope, never.
  6. 6.

    Only if the cat is nice.
    Yeah sure. You get to hang out with a cat – it will be fun!
    Suggest they ask their neighbours instead.
    Nope, not unless they pay you.
  7. 7.

    Only if they are a trustworthy friend.
    Probably not going to happen.
    Sure, if they need it.
    If you have the money, then yes.
  8. 8.

    You say you haven't noticed.
    Yeah, and they need to lose weight.
    You're gentle but honest, and say you'll go jogging with them.
  9. 9.

    Yeah, but I wouldn't go out of my way to.
    Only with permission.
    Never. Everyone needs privacy.
    Yup, check them every day.
  10. 10.

    Say hi to friends and ask them to introduce you to people.
    Introduce yourself to the first person you see.
    Say hi to friends and then start mingling.
    Catch up with all your friends and then only talk to new people if you have to.
  11. 11.

    If I'm in the mood it can be great.
    Only when VERY drunk.
    So fun, always up for it!
    No way.

How Likeable Are You?

You got: Everyone loves you

You're pretty perfect. How are you being that selfless? Are you an angel? If everyone was like you, the world would be a better place.

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You got: Everyone likes you

You're a great friend and you usually do what's right, even if it means you'll be missing out on some fun. You're so loyal, it's no surprise that everyone likes you.

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You got: Most people like you

You're a good friend, you try to do the right thing, but you understand that sometimes you have to put yourself first. You've got the perfect balance between caring for yourself and caring for your friends. Well done.

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You got: Nobody likes you

Oh dear. You're not exactly the caring type. You're not one to go out of your way for other people. But it's a dog-eat-dog world out there, and you understand you need to look after yourself.

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