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    This Video Of Deep Sea Creatures Eating Jellyfish Will Give You The Heebie-Jeebies

    Scientists wanted to know if sea creatures that live off carcasses would eat a dead jellyfish. Spoiler: they did.

    Scientists have discovered that deep sea creatures have a taste for jellyfish, despite previously thinking they avoided jelly based meals. /

    Jellyfish often live in massive blooms which can all die at once. Daniel Jones from the National Oceanography Centre, said in a press release that "when jellyfish blooms die off, massive quantities of the creatures can sink to the ocean floor to form ‘jelly-lakes’, which are not eaten then simply rot, depleting the oxygen on the ocean floor and repelling fish and other sea creatures."

    Jones and his team gave the scavengers a single freshly dead jellyfish to try, to see if the scavengers preferred their jelly fresh. /

    They liked it. This suggests that although scavengers avoid the massive rotting jelly-lakes that form when blooms die, they are not averse to a bit of jellyfish per se.

    The dead jellyfish was secured to the sea bed with a camera to film what happened next. /

    The scavengers ate the whole jellyfish in 2.5 hours. Dead jellyfish sink fast once they die, making them a quick transport mechanism for nutrients from the shallower sun-exposed waters to the dark depths. The scientists now think that dead jellyfish could be a key element in the scavengers diets.

    As a bonus here's a video of some hagfish eating mackerel. /

    You can see the full videos here.