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    19 Deep-Sea Creatures That Legit Look Like Aliens, And I Am Never Going In The Ocean Again

    Making Jaws look like child's play.

    Our oceans cover more than 70% of Earth’s surface, and the vast majority remains unmapped by humans. Exploring the deep sea is difficult and costly, meaning there are countless creatures on this planet we'll likely never discover.

    Underwater photography from a scuba dive

    Humans are wired to fear the unknown, and that's all that resides in the depths of the world's oceans. It doesn't help that these creatures look incredibly terrifying due to their environment. Here are 19 that give me goosebumps.

    1. The peacock squid

    A small transparent squid

    2. The sea spider

    A light yellow sea spider with massive legs

    3. The fangtooth

    A brown fangtooth fish

    4. The swimming sea cucumber

    A pink sea cucumber creature with a hole in its center

    5. The frilled shark

    Photo of a frilled shark

    6. The goblin shark

    Carcass of preserved goblin shark under blue light

    7. The frilled jelly

    Transparent deep sea jellyfish with countless tendrils

    8. Krøyer's deep sea angler fish

    Specimen of Kroyer's deep-sea anglerfish at a museum

    9. The blob sculpin

    Photo of three blob sculpin fish on a metal table

    10. The megamouth shark

    A photo of a Megamouth shark from the front

    11. The giant squid

    Photo of two men performing an autopsy on a giant squid

    12. The dumbo octopus

    Photo of a deep sea octopus

    13. The pelican eel/gulper eel

    A gulper eel with an inflated head

    14. The giant isopod

    Photo of a giant light grey isopod

    15. Sloane's viperfish

    Side profile of a viperfish with its mouth open

    16. The Japanese spider crab

    Japanese spider crab in an aquarium tank

    17. The giant siphonophore

    Photo of the longest siphonophore ever recorded

    18. The bloody-belly comb jelly

    A red bloody-belly comb jelly swimming in its tank

    19. The ribbon sawtail fish

    Image of a ribbon sawtail fish deep in the ocean