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    University In The UK Vs University In America

    Americans may have red cups and take whatever classes they like, but they also have to share a room.

    1. In the US you start university with an orientation week packed with activities.

    In the UK you start university with freshers' week.

    2. In the US you’re lucky if you have just one other person in your room instead of two.

    In the UK no one shares a room unless you go to a very posh uni and you’re really unlucky.

    3. In the US, especially if you’re at a big state university, sports will take up a lot of your world, whether you want them to or not.

    In the UK you have to be really good to get on to uni teams, but no one actually cares if you do or not.

    There are practically no sports scholarships and the only uni sports event anyone gives two shits about is the boat race. Which involves like 20 people from two universities.

    4. In the US you don’t reeeeallly have to make up your mind about what you want to study until the second year.

    In the UK you have to pick what you want to study when you apply.

    5. In the US, you have tests, quizzes, and exams ALL the time. You might have three midterms on one day.

    In the UK exams are a huge deal and very scary.

    6. In the US college drinking is all about red cups.

    In the UK there is A LOT of drinking at university.

    7. Since you can't legally drink for most of university, in the US you end up at house parties a lot.

    In the UK it is very rare for parties to get shut down by police because no one gives a shit.

    8. In the US you get a meal plan in your first year.

    In the UK you can usually choose to be catered or self-catered during your first year.

    9. In the US you get a big-ass student loan that has a kinda better rate than a bank would offer you.

    In the UK everyone gets a practically zero-interest loan to pay for their fees.

    10. In the US practically everyone has a job, and often a job where a part of your wage goes directly to pay your student fees. Like calling up alumni and asking for money.

    In the UK you get a maintenance loan from the government that pays for most of your living costs.

    11. In the US universities don't really have drinking societies, but they DO have fraternities and sororities.

    In the UK only posh unis have drinking societies and even then you’re only allowed in them if you’re really posh.

    12. In the US, there's a week or weekend called homecoming when alumni come back to visit their old campus.

    In the UK no one really visits their university after they've left.

    13. In the US all teachers are called professors.

    My history professor just sent us in email about our syllabus and put a meme in the email. I'm excited for his class.

    Even if you’re being taught by a graduate student, you probably call them professor. Basically in American universities, you really throw this term around.

    In the UK lecturers have to be promoted to a professorship before anyone calls them professor.

    14. Graduating from college in the US is a big deal. That's why people write inspirational messages on their caps for the big day.

    In the UK graduation is an even bigger deal.