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24 Foods That British People Crave Constantly

The most comforting of comfort foods.

1. A proper pie, not the abomination that is stew with a pastry lid.

2. A warm, flaky sausage roll.

3. A burger with loads of onions, from the kind of van that you see at car boot sales.

4. A giant 99 ice cream.

5. A fry-up done just how you like it.

6. A roast dinner with loads of gravy and crispy potatoes.

7. Crumble and custard, that's mainly just custard.

8. A simple iced bun.

9. Chips from a chip shop.

10. Sometimes covered in cheese.

11. Or drowning in gravy.

12. A really buttery crumpet.

13. The best chocolate in world: Cadbury's Dairy Milk.

14. Toasties that look like this.

15. A pint of Coke from a pub.

16. A large plate of Pizza Express dough balls.

17. A bacon sandwich on soft white bread.

18. A cream tea with clotted cream that's so thick it's nearly butter.

19. A Tunnock's tea cake, preferably eaten in two bites or fewer.

20. A Victoria sponge cake with the right amount of cream.

21. A slightly burnt barbecued sausage.

22. A slice of Colin the Caterpillar.

23. Fish fingers and oven chips on a Sunday night.

24. Tea and biscuits, especially when you really need a cup of tea.

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