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    26 Office Accessories That Will Make You Happier To Be At Work

    You can count down the days to retirement on this cute dinosaur memo pad!

    1. A tiny elephant that you can use to write memos on.

    2. A giant Bic pen lid, to store all your other regular-sized pens inside.

    3. A giant pencil sharpener that stores all your normal pencils.

    4. A hole punch that leaves a little heart.

    5. A tiny little plant pot that you could put a tiny little cactus in.

    6. A memo writer and holder that is also a dinosaur.

    7. Alphabet rubber stamps, so you can write passive aggressive notes in a cute artsy way.

    8. A cute label maker, so no one else can steal any of your cute desk accessories.

    9. Folders and binders that look like books, so you can pretend you work in a beautiful old library instead of a regular old office.

    10. Leather cable ties, so under your desk can also be nice.

    11. Pencils with your name on them, because it's still fun having your name on stuff.

    12. Note pads that you can also use to play table tennis with.

    13. A cork cactus that you can pin all your memos too.

    14. See-through post-its, you don't know how they'll make you more organised, but they definitely will.

    15. A stapler that leaves a sarcastic message.

    16. An iPad keyboard and stand that looks like a typewriter.

    17. A fake skylight, so you can pretend to be closer to the outside world.

    18. A desk top punching bag, that you just know will come in handy.

    19. And a bullshit button that you can bring to all meetings.

    20. A WTF stamp, that you can just stamp onto everything.

    21. A mini USB fridge, that stores exactly one can of soda.

    22. A dinosaur stapler remover.

    23. A cute otter tape dispenser.

    24. A mini shopping cart, to put all the crap you're not quite sure if you can throw away yet in.

    25. A see-no-evil monkey pen holder and whiteboard eraser.

    26. A miniature green pig, just because.