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    23 Moments That Will Actually Make A Londoners Day

    When someone else offers their seat to the old lady so you don't have to.

    1. When you get on exactly the right tube carriage that lines up with the exit perfectly.


    2. When you get on the tube and for some reason it's weirdly empty.


    3. When you get a tube carriage all to yourself.

    Cartoon Network

    4. When you see a really chill fox.

    Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

    And for a moment you think you might be friends, but then he realises you're a dirty human and runs away.

    5. When a pregnant lady gets on the bus and someone else offers their seat. / Creative Commons

    6. When you get a seat in a normally rammed pub. / Creative Commons

    7. When you actually get a whole table for you and your mates, outside a nice pub, on that one hot day of the year.

    Flickr: darksidex / Creative Commons

    8. When you check your Uber receipts in the morning and it turns out you had a cheeky ten pound credit that you'd forgotten about.

    Channel 4

    9. When you get handed a free sample at a tube station and it's actually something delicious instead of some weird hipster cold green tea or a cereal bar.


    10. When someone suggests a plan that's actually walking distance from your house.

    Nine Network

    11. When you see a really great dog on the tube.

    12. When you pay less than £3.50 for a pint.

    Warner Bros.

    13. When you buy a round of three drinks and it's less than a tenner.

    Paramount Pictures

    14. When someone suggests that instead of going to the new street food pop-up bistro, you just go to Nandos or Pizza Express instead.


    15. When tourists ask for directions and you actually know the way, they understand you, and you end up having a pleasant interaction with a stranger.

    16. When you see somewhere near your house on the telly.


    Usually in a challenge on The Apprentice.

    17. When your local corner shop man learns your name.

    Robert Wise Productions

    18. When you find an empty park, or just a corner of a park, that everyone seems to have forgotten about.

    Studio Ghibli

    19. When you spot a minor celebrity in the wild.


    20. When there's a tube strike and you get to "work" from home, even though you probably could have just taken the bus.


    21. When you fall asleep on the night bus, but wake up before your stop.

    Paramount Pictures

    22. When you're coming home late and you haven't had any dinner and you see a shining Chicken Cottage sign.

    Warner Bros.

    23. When you find somewhere you can actually afford to live, that's also a reasonable commute to your work and isn't a windowless shoebox.

    JK JK JK this would be an actual orgasmic moment if it ever happened.

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