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21 Things You'll Get If Your Relationship Is Basically Twentysomething Grandparents

You're more into just food than food sex.

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7. And when you do leave the house, your favourite thing to do is shop for practical items.

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"Babe, I think we need some more tealights " is pretty much the greatest thing they could say.

9. But instead of going to the latest trendy place you'll have to queue for, you usually just go to that place round the corner.

11. Neither of you have the energy to have any actual drama in your relationship.

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The only things you really argue about are what to eat and what to watch on TV.

12. But you love a good bitch about other people's drama.

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You only do it to each other because you know it's a safe space for judging people as much as you like.

13. The only cheating either of you are regularly getting up to is watching an episode of one of "your shows" alone.

15. Trying out a new recipe is a pretty exciting night in for you guys.

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17. If the club is too sweaty, there is no room to dance, and they are playing music with no lyrics, you are out of there.


If you need to be drunk to have fun, it's probably not for you even when you're wasted.

18. The majority of the time you spend together you are in comfy clothes with no makeup.

Instagram: @chrissyteigen

Bras and jeans are things you reserve for the outside world.

20. You guys know that sometimes it's more romantic to stay in with comfort food than dress up for a fancy dinner.

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