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17 Useful Tips From Trichsters That Will Help You Deal With Hair Pulling

Top tips from trichsters themselves.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best tips or products for dealing with trichotillomania.

Trichotillomania is a type of "impulse-control disorder" which leads to people pulling out the hair on their head, eyebrows, eyelashes, arms, or other places on their body. It can lead to feelings of low self-esteem, increased anxiety, and other negative emotions.

In addition to seeking professional help, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, here are some tips from people with trichotillomania about how they deal with hair pulling.

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1. Grow your nails or wear acrylics so it's difficult to get a grip on your hair.

2. Start a new hobby that keeps your hands busy.

3. Or keep a fidget toy with you, and play with it when you get the urge to pull.

4. Download a habit tracker app on your phone.

5. Or invest in a Habit Aware bracelet.

"My Habit Aware bracelet! It vibrates when I go to pull!" – ginevrap2

Buy it on the Habit Aware website from £97.

6. Pull the fur from a pillow instead of pulling your hair.

7. If you have patchy or non-existent eyebrows because of over pulling or plucking, then create new ones with makeup.

8. And help regrow your eyebrows and eyelashes with MaryKays brow and lash growth gel.

9. Invest in a spinning ring for when you feel anxious or feel the urge to pull.

10. Or treat yourself to a thumb ring or a piece of jewellery you can play with to distract yourself.

11. Wrap bandages or medical tape around your thumbs so you don't feel the texture of your hair.

12. Or if you don't like the look of bandages or tape, try Lee Tippi micro gel fingertip grips.

13. Wear a weave to protect your hair, and stop yourself pulling.

14. Or get a complete new hairstyle, like an undercut.

15. Changing your the colour of your hair can give you an extra boost of confidence.

16. Talk about your problems and share your experiences with other trichsters.

17. Most importantly, don't forget to celebrate the victories!

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Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.