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    25 Things Only Caribbean People Will Find Funny

    A is for Arinj.

    1. The face you made as a child when your parent took your money away for "safe keeping".

    MemesMe / Via

    2. Or when you realised that you forgot to take the meat out the freezer.

    Instagram / dominiquedeeznutz / Via

    3. Opening the fridge and knowing the labels on a container don't mean anything.

    Island Food from beardysmurfreturns. Where my Ice Cream. #currycurrycurry #westindiansbelike #westindians #westin…

    4. And that the biscuit tins never actually contain biscuits.

    ygandb / Tumblr

    5. If you're not from the Caribbean you just won't understand our alphabet.

    Twitter / BobbyWalker19 / Via Twitter: @BobbyWalker19

    6. ...these labels...

    7. ...Or why playing Scrabble is a pain.

    #WestIndiansBeLike When playing Scrabble.....

    8. You also won't understand why this incorrect label is so funny.

    Jamaican Jokes / Via Facebook: JamaicanJokes

    9. This hilarious facial expression is all too familiar if you were raised by Caribbean parents.

    Seanstar3 / Instagram / Via Twitter: @Shabbaaa_

    10. And this look you get before ordering from a Caribbean takeaway.

    duttyredz / Via

    11. People from the Caribbean will use any excuse to throw a party.

    😂😂 #westindiansbelike #thehitlistshow #christmas

    12. ...Which is where we always find a new cousin, auntie, and uncle.

    DVNNYX / Instagram

    13. Every Caribbean child has owned one of these:

    😩😩😩 why's this so true? the sad thing is, mine's still fits my wrist tho I got it when I was 6 😂 #WestIndiansBeLike

    14. And we've spent years perfecting the art of stealing meat from the pot without making a sound.

    Why is dis so true!!! @__jvstxy #GrowingUpCaribbean

    15. We know there is only one word for any cereal.

    Laughable4all / Via Facebook: Laughable4all

    16. We also know that tea is the cure for everything.

    Twitter / Okaayjaee

    17. Or one of these:


    #GrowingUpCaribbean if you know you know !!!

    19. And lets not even talk about this!

    #YouSoCaribbeanBut never hear "siddung and swallow d ting oddawise a you arn get more'

    20. People from the Caribbean are the best at making jokes.

    milebred1 / Via

    21. Like this shady Easter pun.

    Proud Jamaican / Facebook / Via Facebook: Proudjam

    22. This accurate caption.

    All_Epiphani: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #TrinidadCarnival #Trinidad #Carnival #TheObamas #TheFirstFamily #Humor #WestIndiansBeLike #…

    23. And this Santa joke.

    IrishThePen / Twitter / Via Twitter: @IrishThePen

    24. But we are the worst at instructions.

    #GrowingUpCaribbean my life 😒

    25. And even worse with directions.