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26 Signs You Were Raised By Caribbean Parents

You were probably younger than the Dutch pot.

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2. And stealing meat from the pot without getting caught was a daily challenge.

When you and your siblings are tiefin meat out d pot, and they drop d pot cover... #GrowingUpCaribbean

3. Whether you had a cold or had a broken ankle, all illnesses and ailments were treated with this:

Use to cry when I had to drink this 😖😭 #GrowingUpCaribbean #GrowingUpWestIndian

4. And if tea didn’t work, you’d be rubbed down with a tub of Vicks and sent to bed.

5. And if that didn't work, this probably would:

#GrowingUpCaribbean this was basically gods potion.. Bmt

6. Or this.

#GrowingUpCaribbean if you know you know !!!

7. The furniture in the front room was covered in plastic.

#GrowingUpCaribbean when your grandma's furniture looks like this

8. And there was always a bottle of Dettol in the bathroom.

#GrowingUpCaribbean you go through mad bottles of this

9. You knew at least one family member with beaded door curtains.

Oh wait, maybe that was just #GrowingUpCaribbean haha #GrowingUpBlack

10. Or one of these illustrations hanging on their wall.

Every Caribbean has 1 of these in their house! 😭😂 #GrowingUpJamaican #GrowingUpCaribbean

11. Inside the fridge you'd find a bottle of homemade hot pepper sauce.

#GrowingUpCaribbean everyone had this in their fridge skunt !!!!!! Homemade pepper sauce to bun yuh rass

12. And if a tin of Milo wasn't in your kitchen cupboard...

#GrowingUpCaribbean i still drink this

13. ...then you would definitely find a tin of condensed milk.


14. Or a variety of tinned fish.

#GrowingUpCaribbean canned fish was always in the house.

15. A quick dinner always involved corned beef.

When mom worked too hard & had to make a fast dinner! #GrowingUpBlack Slash #GrowingUpCaribbean #bullybeef

16. And you'd always look forward to Sunday dinner, especially if guests were coming round.

#GrowingUpCaribbean you already kno 😍

17. This was the most important section in the supermarket.

#GrowingUpCaribbean #GrowingUpDominican you shopped in these sections

18. Because you could buy drinks like this.

#GrowingUpCaribbean growing up drinking these 😩😍

19. At every social gathering you were sure to find D&G sodas, Supermalt, Mighty Malt, Ting, Ginger Beer, and Sorrel.

#GrowingUpCaribbean having one of these at every bbq/baby shower/family event

20. And a bunch of these:

21. You were also likely to meet a new family member, usually an auntie, uncle, or cousin.

#GrowingUpCaribbean I still haven't met all of them😂

22. And you'd always come home with a plate or container of food.

#GrowingUpBajan after every cookout you bring a to go plate

23. Not greeting someone when you walked into a room was the ultimate sin.

#growingupjamaican you must say morning , evening or night when greeting people or yuh nave nuh mannas.

24. And ambiguous commands like "get the ting from the ting" were all too familiar.

#GrowingUpCaribbean Parents: "get the ting from the ting" *gets mad when theres too many tings to know which ting is really the ting*

25. You wouldn't complain, because you knew better than to talk back to your elders.

#GrowingUpCaribbean my mum would always say "yuh muss tink seh me and you is size" 😭😭

26. But the best thing of all is knowing this:

If you can survive #growingupcaribbean you can survive anything

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