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    18 Reasons You Should Make Plantain Your Favourite Food Immediately

    "Plantain is bae. Be more like plantain."

    1. Plantain is one of the greatest foods to have ever existed.

    2. When you're hungry, it's there, staring at you with those "come eat me" eyes.

    3. And because it is so incredibly precious, it needs your undivided attention.

    4. Completely undivided.

    5. Appreciate its sweetness, both inside and out.

    6. Appreciate its incredible versatility.

    7. Appreciate the fact it can even be used for heartfelt relationship advice.

    8. It's basically a superfood and should be respected as such.

    9. You've probably given your plantain this look halfway through "plantain frying and chill".

    What my plantain sees when i'm standing over the pot frying it

    10. Or stared at it adoringly with big, puppy dog eyes.

    11. And you've definitely threatened to get angry if you didn't get your plantain fix straightaway.

    12. You've often wondered why there isn't a plantain DAY.

    13. And panicked when you realised that one day your plantain won't be as inexpensive as it is today.

    14. Offer the gift of plantain to a friend and witness how their life instantly changes.

    15. Pray to the plantain gods and see how they generously provide.

    16. Never let anyone get in the way of you and that glorious dodo.

    17. Because if there's one thing for certain in this life, it's that plantain will always have your back.

    18. And that's the only thing that really matters.