Shaquille O'Neal Is Trying His Hand At Tinder, And It's Not Going Exactly As Planned

    Shaq goes swiping.

    To borrow a phrase from Mean Girls, how do I even begin to explain Shaquille O'Neal? The legendary basketball player who has four NBA Championship rings, and in Jimmy Kimmel's words, "the only human visible from space," has dabbled in a lot of things (successfully) after getting off the court.

    shaq holding a mic in one hand while also talking on a telephone

    Off the court, O'Neal has a BA and an MBA degree, got sworn in as a sheriff's deputy, starred in movies, released music albums, and also took on DJing. Yes, everybody raise your hands. DJ O'Neal is in the house.

    Shaq acting as a dj at an event

    Though the guy has left the court, he hasn't stopped courting. And he is doing it 21st-century style. Or at least he tried.

    Shaq wearing a suit smiling while looking up and away from a book in his hand

    In his recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, O'Neal revealed that he created a profile on Tinder under his own name. And got a match!

    Shaq wearing a suit with sunglasses on smiling

    O'Neal said, "I signed up for Tinder, put in my name, and I tried to make a person meet me. And they didn’t believe it was me. I was like, ‘It’s me; it’s Shaq.'"

    Shaq getting ready to throw his basketball shot

    Things didn't go as expected, as his match didn't believe that she had indeed matched with Shaq. He further revealed, "And she said, ‘Shaq would never be on this.’ So I had to hit delete. I had to delete my account.”

    a portrait of Shaq

    Shaq tried to convince her though. He told Kimmel, "She was hot too. I was like, ‘I’m five minutes [away]. Please just meet me at Starbucks.’ No! Stranger danger, stranger danger. No!”

    Shaq next to a host on a football field

    Well Shaq, if it's any consolation, you had better luck than most of us and matched with a human instead of a bot.