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21 Totally Inappropriate Moments In Mary-Kate And Ashley Movies

Not cool, dude.

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10. Operating a spacecraft

Dualstar Productions / Via

"The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley: The Case of the United States Navy Adventure" - Age 10

(This is might be why NASA lost it's funding)


16. Disobeying the judicial system

When you've witnessed a robbery tell EVERYONE that you are a court ordered member of the Witness Protection program.

"Our Lips Are Sealed" - Age 14


18. Driving cross country with no parental supervision

Make sure you loose your BRAND NEW car somewhere in America and then get on the wrong plane.

"Getting There: Sweet 16 And License To Drive" - Age 16

19. Not giving a f*&@k at work

It's TOTALLY ok to get fired from your fancy fashion internship in Italy so you can spend the rest of the summer hanging out with cute boys.

"When In Rome" - Age 16


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