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    17 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses All Book Lovers Will Adore

    Book the gown of your dreams.

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. This beautiful gown that'll make you feel like the heroine of an Austen novel:

    Leila Hafzi
    Focus Features

    Dress by Leila Hafzi.

    2. This classic look inspired by Anne of Green Gables:

    Styling by Stage Right Etc. Read more about this look here.

    3. This enchanting gown that'll make you feel like Little Red Riding Hood:

    4. This romantic gown that will make you feel like you're in The Princess Bride:
    20th Century Fox

    Gown design by Jaime Elyse Couture.

    5. This classy gown inspired by Bella from Twilight:

    Alfred Angelo
    Summit Entertainment

    Dress designed by Alfred Angelo.

    6. This uniquely wonderful look inspired by The Night Circus:

    Styled by Jesi Haak.

    7. This gorgeous gown that gives you Where The Wild Things Are vibes:
    Warner Bros.

    Dress by Luella’s Boudoir.

    8. This updated dress that'll make you feel like you're in The Notebook:

    Amanda Dumouchelle / Via

    Dress design: Lost & Found Vintage.

    9. This eclectic gown made entirely from Golden Books:

    10. This Shakespearian Midsummer Night's Dream collection:

    Dresses by Jenny Packham.

    11. This modern twist on Katniss Everdeen's gown from The Hunger Games:

    12. This stunning Ophelia-inspired gown:

    Lara Hotz / Via

    Styled by Stefanie Ingram.

    13. This hauntingly beautiful look inspired by Miss Havisham of Great Expectations:
    20th Century Fox

    14. This breathtaking gown that'll give you serious Jane Austen vibes:

    Dress by Rosa Clará.

    15. Or this vintage gown that's sure to give you Elizabeth Bennet vibes:

    Dress by Adored Vintage.

    16. This Harry Potter dress that'll make you feel like Fleur Delacour:

    Warner Bros.

    17. And finally, this stunning gown that'll make you feel like you're in The Great Gatsby:
    Warner Bros.