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    Updated on Jun 23, 2020. Posted on Jun 20, 2020

    20 TV Characters That Rubbed Us The Wrong Way At First But Slowly Became Our Faves

    We really thought these characters would irk us forever before they transformed.

    Recently we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV character started off as the worst but then slowly became the best. You guys had a lot of opinions! So here are 20 more characters that you all hated at first before you ended up loving them.

    1. Paris Geller from Gilmore Girls


    "Paris starts off as annoying but certainly becomes more likable."


    2. Dr. Cox from Scrubs


    "He started out a condescending asshole, but after Season 1 you can see that he really cares. Even when he is prickly."


    3. Regina from Once Upon A Time


    "Everyone started off hating her for being the Evil Queen, but by the end she was one of the most loved characters on the show!"


    4. Ben from Never Have I Ever


    "He went from tormenting Devi to being the sweetest, most vulnerable character. It’s clear he liked her all along but was too concerned with keeping up appearances. Can't wait for next season!"


    5. Asher Millstone from How To Get Away With Murder


    "At first he comes off as a total douche who you expect to be anti-gay and sexist, but as the series progresses you find out he’s such a good ally. He’s funny, has a big heart, and always wants to do the right thing."


    6. April Kepner from Grey's Anatomy


    "She was the MOST annoying character on Grey's Anatomy at first. But her arc with Jackson was the only thing that made it worth watching after Season 11. I was so devastated after they wrote her off the show."


    7. Ice King from Adventure Time

    Cartoon Network

    "He starts off as just this gross jerk that kidnaps princesses, but then you find out his whole backstory. I love how he took care of Marceline when she was a kid! We learn about everything he lost and so do the characters on the show so they change how they view him too."


    8. Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl


    "He started out a sleazy ass who was afraid of commitment, but by the last season he was one of my favorite characters."


    9. Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad


    "I would add Jesse Pinkman! Easy to see why."


    10. Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl


    "She didn't start out as likeable. She was a popular, stuck-up snob who somehow grew and had major character development. In the end, she was my favorite!"


    11. Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead


    "He started off as a total asshole who only cared about his brother, and now he’s a leader who would do anything to protect those around him, even if he barely knows them. He’s the best judge of character I’ve seen."


    12. Schmidt from New Girl


    "I thought he was going to be a really annoying douche from the beginning, but he slowly became the best, funniest, and most quotable character on the show in such a great and gradual way. I hardly noticed how much I was starting to like him and then by the end I loved him! He became such a wonderful and supportive husband to CeCe and a truly amazing stay-at-home father for Ruth."


    13. Spike from Buffy


    "He was a lovable bad guy in the beginning anyway, but he really had so much character development."


    14. Pam Poovey from Archer


    "Starting out, you think she's the typical HR office Karen, but then she gets more and more badass over the seasons."


    15. Toby from This Is Us


    "Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I couldn't stand him in the beginning and found him to be too pushy and irritating. But I have grown to love him as the seasons have gone on. Especially watching him come to terms with being the father of a child who is blind. He has his faults of course, but he's got a great sense of humor, and it's very clear he loves his family."


    16. Morgan from The Good Doctor


    "She went from being the literal worst to having a great redemption arc and is now one of my favorite characters on the show. She seems to just be getting better and better the more you understand her."


    17. Hank from Breaking Bad


    "I was not a fan of his until the 'last' episode, and then I found myself ugly-crying."


    18. Scorpia from She-Ra


    "She’s actually voiced by the actress who plays Dina in Superstore. She starts out as a typical antagonist but progresses so much in the series. I love her."


    19. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce from Angel


    "Utterly annoying, smarmy, and spineless! He was just all-around painful to watch. After the switch from Buffy to Angel, his character arc is one of the best of all time."


    20. Dr. Kelso from Scrubs


    "He was supposed to be the bad guy early on: a jerk that treated people like crap. But honestly? By Season 2, he was easily one of my favorite characters. He'd either interrupt others' conversations with a quick one-liner or deliver hysterical facial expressions without saying a word. When you think of the funniest lines or scenes from the show, Kelso is always a big part of 'em!"


    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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