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    15 Tumblr Posts About YA Novels That'll Make You Laugh Every Time

    "Now that you are of age, we must split you into two houses - blue and black and white and gold."

    1. This post that touched upon plot devices.

    2. This post that played off tropes.

    3. This post that puts things in perspective.

    4. This post that tapped into insta-love.

    5. This post that casually referenced The Fault In Our Stars.

    6. This post that touched on dividing up people into categories.

    7. This post that demands Kanye in a Twilight remake.

    8. This post that's relatable to reading YA as an adult.

    9. This post that was just ~too true~.

    10. This Twilight post that took a literal turn.

    11. This post that expressed the true feelings of Harry Potter fans.

    12. This exceptionally creative Hunger Games post.

    13. This post that expressed the twist everyone saw coming.

    14. This post that is the literal definition of a John Green novel.

    15. And finally, this cleverly reimagined Hunger Games post.